Friday, October 17, 2008 Update

Hi All,

I just wanted to give a quick update on the earlier article that I had posted about I recently got four letters from teachers stating that their projects were funded and how much a difference I make. I am so happy that I could help! Letters like these make me happy that I could help people in my community and in other places. So please if you haven't taken the chance to go to this website, please do. You can make a difference too!

Below are the letters I have received:

Dear Denise,

"Winning Writers At Work" (at is now becoming a reality for the students of Mrs. Johnson-Quinn. Mrs. Johnson-Quinn wrote you this note:

Dear Denise,

Thank you very much for your donation. I no longer will have to spell out words for my students. Your donation will make them independent learners as well as creative ones. My children have already started writing descriptive paragraphs, flip books, and narrative stories. Just think of how your donation will turn these pieces of work into more detailed, elaborated published copies. Again, thank you for your support and we will certainly use these materials daily in our classroom.


At Their Level: Read Books For 2nd Graders" (at is now becoming a reality for the students of Mr. Dypiangco. Mr. Dypiangco wrote you this note:

Dear Denise,

Thank you so much for funding my proposal. I was so thrilled to check my email this morning and see that it was fully funded. My lower level students have read the handful of books that are at their level, so this donation will provide a much needed infusion to our classroom library. My students will be ecstatic when I share the news with them on Monday morning that they will be getting these books. Thank you for your donation. You have made a difference in the lives of my 20 students, and you have provided our class with a quality library of books that I would be unable to afford on my own.


Dear Denise,

"Pillows For Peanuts" (at is now becoming a reality for the students of Mrs. Singleton. Mrs. Singleton wrote you this note:

Dear Denise,

What a wonderful surprise it was to get the e-mail stating that our project had been funded. We have been hoping for this for some time now and the little ones in my class have no idea about the comfort that they will soon receive. They will have a soft pillow to rest their heads on at Quiet Time and the children in my class in the years to come will also know this simple but wonderful pleasure as well. Thank you for thinking of us and for sending such a meaningful gift. Sincerely, Mrs. S


"Ready to Write!" (at is now becoming a reality for the students of Mrs. Boles. Mrs. Boles wrote you this note:

Dear Denise,

Thank you! My students will be so excited to use these supplies in daily writing and illustrations for research projects. I look forward to having the students begin working with the supplies and seeing their enthusiasm as they become more successful students. Thank you again!

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