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The Pen Review: Guilty Pleasures, by Renee Knowles

I recently read a hot erotic romance by Renee Knowles and had to share with all of you!!! It's called Guilty Pleasures and is available now from Siren Publishing!

So, what happens when you get two head-strong, sexy as hell people together? Hot, hot, hot sex and a strong emotional connection. Ms. Knowles knows how to tell a story and to keep a reader satisfied. From the first fiery moments Diana and Nick meet, you just know the pages will be exploding soon. But it wasn't just about sex, (which did I mention was totally hot?) the characters also had some internal issues to deal with. Their real life struggles and personalities made this story all the better, and you really cheered them on when they finally capitulated to each other and themselves. Guilty Pleasures, will certainly be an enjoyable guilty pleasure for you!

P.S. The sequal, For Her Pleasure Only, is coming soon to Siren Publishing, and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

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After his parents' death, Nick Duvane gave up freelancing and took a job at the local TV news station to stay home and care for his younger sister. Now that she's grown, he's desperate to get back to the work he loves. But his boss blackmails him into one final assignment: go undercover at a male escort service and expose it as legalized male prostitution. No problem. Except once he begins an affair with the owner, sexy, hard-headed Diana Grady, how can he deceive her and destroy her business, all for an exposé?

Diana Grady's failed marriage and financial struggles drove her to make her escort business a success. She's poured all her energy into Pleasures and ignored her personal life. But when intelligent, steamy, Nick Duvane enters the picture, she gives in to her passion. Yet Nick has a secret, and it just might shatter her…

**Warning: very HOT excerpt**


He knew the adrenaline coursing through her made her giddy, but as he let her down and her full breasts skimmed his chest, another kind of adrenaline whipped in his veins. His cock hardened, and he turned away to grab his long-sleeved top and whip it over his head to hide the bulge he was sure was showing.

Diana cleared her throat and pulled away, but not before he'd witnessed the raw passion in her eyes.

They left the center and went to his car. It had grown dark outside, which was probably just as well because if Diana looked at him he was sure she would be able to tell what he was thinking. And what he was thinking was how much he wanted to take her home, throw her on the bed and strip her naked. He tried to rein in his hunger, but remembering her round, gorgeous ass in her tight jeans as she climbed the wall made him only harder.

"Diana," he said when they reached her passenger side door. "You really rocked up there today."

She laughed and did a small jump. "I did, didn't I? God! It was so damn freeing!" Her voice had a bounce to it, and he could hear pride. "I never thought I could do it. But when I got up there, I knew I couldn't stop until I made it all the way."

Nick noticed the pride in her voice and knew she was still on a high. He tried to stop glancing at her lips. Yet she was so close, and they were sexy, full, and ready for the taking.

She raised her hand in a high five, as he'd done to her earlier. This time, as he slapped her back, he grabbed her hand and pulled her toward him.. Her curvy body fit against his hard one. Then against all his better instincts, he kissed her.

There was a brief murmur of protest from Diana, but Nick held on, intoxicated by the feel of her. She relaxed into him and he took full advantage..

He possessed her mouth, tasting her minty, salty flavor mingled with the tang of her victory on the rock wall. His hands slid under the bottom of her shirt and he felt the smooth warmth of her skin. Moving them down over her ribcage, he stopped at the indentation of her waist.
He thought she might slap him. He thought she would shove him back.

But Diana didn't pull away. Maybe it was her adrenaline high, maybe it was the passion that had been simmering between them for the past week, but she pulled him closer and he felt her tongue edge into his mouth.

With a low growl, he dragged her flush against him, so close he could feel her heartbeat. He opened for her, teasing and playing with her tongue until fire raced in his veins. Heat rolled off her body, burning him up with fever.

Or perhaps it was the passion in her kisses that had him aflame. His cock hardened until it strained against the fly of his jeans. Tasting her was better than his dreams, better than his imagining.

Diana reached up and wrapped her hands around his neck, massaging the base of his scalp. Her hot little hands only turned him on more. He could imagine those same fingers stroking his cock.

Nick pushed her up against the car, straddling his legs on either side of her feet. "Diana, Diana," he whispered as he trailed kisses down her neck, licking the small spot where her pulse fluttered. Then, nervous as a schoolboy on a first date, he brought his hand up and cupped her breast, kneading it through her knit shirt.

She arched into his hand, silently urging him to go on.

But suddenly he heard the scuffs of shoes against concrete behind him, and he realized he was mauling her in the middle of an open parking lot.

He dropped his hand and pulled away.

In the artificial lights, Diana stared at him with glazed eyes, her lips swollen and dark from his kisses.

The people walked by them and got into their car. And Nick knew he had to say something. What the hell was he supposed to say?

"Look," he began, "I'd like to tell you I'm sorry. I know that is probably what I should say. But dammit—" he raked a hand through his hair "—the truth is, I'm not." He moved closer to her again, and pushed a piece of hair back from her round, beautiful face. "I'm so not sorry."

Diana drew in a long breath and seemed to be trying to compose herself again.

Say something, will you? As her silence dragged on, he was sure he'd lost his chance at working for Pleasures now.

"Listen," he said. "I didn't mean to offend you. But there is something between us. Something that has been simmering there since we met. I know you've felt it too. I just don't know what you want."

She stopped him by grabbing the front of his shirt and pulling him down for another kiss.
"What I want," she whispered, "is sex. With you. Tonight."

© Renee Knowles 2008

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  1. Nice review! The excerpt is a hot one. *grin*

  2. Thanks for the fabulous review, Eliza! I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

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  3. Great review, Eliza. I suspect if you read this one at bedtime you won't sleep!

  4. Great review, Eliza! *fans* Wow, you did warn us. :D

  5. Yeah, I stayed up late to read it and then couldn't fall asleep and when I did, Nick Duvane invaded my dreams, ;)