Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tips from Our Readers

Hey everyone! I again wanted to thank our readers for coming to the blog.
I also asked a couple of people who read the blog to comment on what they liked and what they liked to see. So here is on our tips below from Bobbi! It's in regards for writers out there searching for some inspiration.
Thanks Bobbi!

Oh, and you had said to let you know if I thought of anything cool for your blog. Well, I noticed that you put tips to help people become better writers and I have a website that I use that is pretty fun. I use it when I'm developing characters and I want a good visual representation to work with. It's called Meez and it lets you create 3D avatar characters. You can create the images without even creating an account if you just want to look at them. Creating a free account allows you to save the characters and gives you the code so you can use them on your websites. I know I've used it to create images of almost all of my more prominent characters for the book I'm writing and it has really helped. With the ability to change the physical attributes of the character and with the wide variety of clothing styles you can use to dress up your avatar, it really helps you get a good idea of your characters' personal styles. If nothing else, it's a good excuse to play dress-up dolls when you're experiencing writer's block, and who knows maybe seeing what clothes your character wears will move you right out of the writing slump.

Well, just thought I'd share this fun tool.

If you have a tip to share, please e-mail here.
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