Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Choose Your Destiny

Well, today is the day. The last day of the year 2008. As I sit here and write this little blog there is only about 14 hours left of 2008. I can't believe how quickly this year went by. And as I do each year on this specific day, I think about what I accomplished over the last 365 days and what I hope to accomplish in next 365.

Why did I choose the title for this post to be "Choose Your Destiny"? Besides the fact that I recently watched DARK KNIGHT, and that was a huge theme in the movie, I truly believe in it. We have the power to make things happen for ourselves if we put our minds to it. Hence yearly goals right?

It's a time or reflection and introspection... and of course the rolling of the eyes, I can't believe I thought I could do this, I'm such a procrastinator, no you can't have a Venti double shot espresso mocha latte this morning!!! (Fine, I'll have Green Tea Latte instead! And yes, that is what I'm drinking this morning. My wonderful brother-in-law got me a gift card to Starbuck's so I will be indulging quite frequently.)

But back to thinking. What the heck have I done all year? Seems like a blur, but I know I must have done something...

Accomplished in 2008:

  • Recieved 6 contracts for my novellas
  • Established blog History Undressed
  • Received requests for full manuscripts from 2 major NY publishers and 1 agent
  • Became President of Celtic Hearts Romance Writers
  • Became Editor of Hearts Through History's Newsletter
  • Taught my first workshops
  • Wrote several articles
  • Met some wonderful new writer friends
  • Lost 14 pounds (and this all in the last two months...) But does it really count, since I seemed to have gained 20 over the year? Hmmm... I'm going to say yes!
  • Of course, joined The Pen and Muse blog!!!
  • Somehow managed to stay completely sane this year!

As far as my goals for this year, I would say I met most of them :) Maybe even more. I'm still trying to get a handle on my chores, but I think the only thing that will ever work for me -- since I LOATHE cleaning -- is to somehow convince dear husband to hire me a maid... I am not very confident that this will happen though, unless I somehow manage to garner a nice contract and pay for it myself :)

So okay, my 2008 was pretty great. How can I keep up with the momentum I've started?

Goals for 2009:

  • Receive a contract for my medieval series
  • Receive a contract for my Regency erotic
  • Continue with my efforts within the chapters and groups I belong to
  • Promote my work
  • Start a pilates program
  • Attend RWA Nationals
  • Look for an agent
  • Continue to organize my house...
  • Teach workshops
  • Write 2 articles
  • And as always, stay sane while doing it all!

Anyone want to share their goals? What did you accomplish in 2008 and what do you hope to accomplish in 2009?

Have a safe and happy new year everyone!!!




  1. Hi Eliza!
    You and I must definitely be psychic for blogging about nearly the same thing today LOL.
    What a great list of accomplishements. Congratulations on all the good things you did. Obviously you are choosing your destiny, well said!
    Good luck in 2009.

  2. Happy New Year, Eliza! You accomplished a great deal in 2008 and have a great set of goals for 2009.

    2008 was a great year for me! I had a short story published, signed two contracts for full-length romances and another for a short story to be included in a romance anthology. I also submitted a short story that I'm waiting to hear on.

    For next year, I hope to get a contract for that story, write a new full-length and another short and start submitting both.

  3. Thank you Susan! Good luck in 2009 :)

  4. Thank you Julie! That is very kind of you :)

    Renee you have had so many accomlishments, and I'd say adding mama to the list is definitely a BIGGIE!!!!

    Much luck and success in 2009!

  5. Eliza,
    I know this post is a few days old now, but I just wanted to let you know that your list inspired me to analyze what I had done as far as writing was concerned--- Which made me feel like the year wasn't such a loss after all and it helped me focus on the coming year.