Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Oh, Muse, Where Far Out Thou?

With the impending holidays and all of the rushing for gifts, menu planning, hiding gifts in really secretive spots so no one will find them, planning family visitors and visiting our family, and on top of that a cold that seems to be lasting FOREVER--my muse has decidedly gone on vacation...

Me, the daily writing count fanatic--I do hereby confess I haven't written a single new word on my WIP since Monday, and I think I totalled all of maybe 800 words...

What's a girl to do? I know I should be writing, I have deadlines to meet, but I just can't force myself. The moment I sit down at the computer, I check my email--then re-check it just in case anyone emailed me within the last 20 seconds, and then again, until finally I roll my eyes at myself, or I come up with a reason to shop some more online, or look up a new recipe. Or maybe I should check my--

*Long silent pause*

Sorry, I had to check my email AGAIN!! No, no new mail...

To make it worse, my hubby keeps saying, "How's your word count?" or "How's your writing going?"

Me: *clicking out of email* "Oh, it's going great! I'm doing really, really great." I then bite the inside of my cheek, and look at him out of the corner of my eye. Does he know I'm full of you know what?

So I'm excited for the Holidays and I love listening to my children sing Christmas carols, but I'm also ready for them to be here! I've been in this slump for a couple weeks, and I so need to get back to work.

I'm a self professed work-a-holic, even if my work only consists of checking email right now, I will check it until the painted letters rub off my keyboard, and the Guinness Book of World Records gives me an award for most checked email in an hour.

If anyone has seen my muse, could you tell her to come back to me? (Yes, she's a woman with a really, throaty and calm story telling voice. I just love her!)

Have a wonderful Holiday and a Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Me Too. I was obsessively checking email and saw your invite to this post. Fun, witty. I thought it was just me but seems this muse thing or lack of it is going around.
    Maybe like the flu it will run its course.

  2. Thank you Lisa and Beth! So glad I'm not

  3. LOL!!! Loved the post, Eliza.

    E-mail is my favorite form of procrastination. I have 5 e-mail accounts and will do this thing where I go round and round and check each one. Over and over. And over. They are all writing related accounts, so at least I can say I'm doing 'writing stuff' and not just randomly surfing the net. LOL.

    Yeah, I've got deadlines and edits coming soon and a partial due before x-mas and a full due soon, and what am I doing tonight? Stalking my e-mail. :)

    I hope your muse comes back from her vacation soon, Eliza!

  4. I had to take a break on the Celtic Hearts newsletter to read this great post. I feel the same way and am hoping to get going next year on my work.

  5. I think it's just that time of year. ;) I decided last week to just stop beating myself up for not being able to write. Once I'm moved and settled and school starts back, hopefully I'll be able to get back into a routine. ;)

  6. I can totally relate Eliza, though my MUSE has been on hiatus for a few months now. I sit in front of the computer every day with good intentions, unfortunatly it never goes further than that. Oh and I know all about rubbing the letters off your computer- my keyboard now has 10 missing letters!! And no, they are not from being productive with my writing. Oh I'm writing all right, long, detailed Emails! Ugh! I want the holidays to be here and gone too!!! As much as I love it, I can't take the stress of it anymore. :)

  7. Are you describing you or me? LOL. I'm one of those possessed writers, too. I belong to a challenge group and am always writing down my goals, but all of a sudden, I feel I've lost my way. I guess it's just the distraction of the holidays and all the stress that goes with it. I did just get my first galley in for my latest full-length romance and have to have it back by Dec. 31st. So, maybe I'll just concentrate on the galley and leave everything else chill, until the holidays are done. Unless I get really bored, of course. LOL.

  8. I look forward to the Christmas and New Year's holidays in the hopes of finding a few hours extra of private time for writing. Certainly I have cooking, shopping, wrapping and hostessing chores to perform, but as a 9:30-5:30 M-F full-time office drone, having a couple of extra days off in a row still makes me sigh with gratitude. I will wait until my mother and my little brother (full grown man, but mentally challenged and so more like a 7 year old) are all nestled snug in their respective beds - that is when the quiet permeates the house and when I can best concentrate. I'll unload my big old comfy chair and gather up my writing implements (I write long-hand first) and with a cup of tea or, better yet, a nice glass of red wine, I will write well into the night. What a luxury to be able to write until midnight or 1 am because I don't need to rise & shine at 6 for a work commute! Looking forward to this routine usually allows me to give my Muse a heads up to be on hand. And it usually works. There's a sort of magic in the air at this time of year and, helped with some soothing classical music (or jazz), some warm PJs and blessed silence, my Muse and I usually commune very nicely...try enticing your muse with some warm and cozy environs...and wine wouldn't go amiss (says my Muse).

    Happiest of Holidays to all and to all, A Good Write!

  9. Thanks Chicks! Hopefully when the holidays and stresses are gone, your muse will come back to you!

    LOL Susan! It was me, but as I read all these comments I am feeling like I should start a club! I'd stick with the galleys for now...Whenever I get mine in it's almost a break!

    Lise I love the red wine idea...maybe if I smooze her, she'll come back to me. I need to get some more comfy pj's and I wish I had some silence! Even when the kiddies are in bed my dog or my dh are still snoring!

    Willow, I was dying reading this! Shame on your muse, lol! I'll go get the aspirin, and she better get her butt home soon!

    Thanks Renee! I'm pretty obsessive year round too, but some reason its hiting me harder now!

    LOL Julie!!! That's hilarious! I'm the same way, my husband threatens to take it away all the time! You know...the whole world could come crashing down and I'd still be here :) Cheer up! At least you don't have boyfriends right? That's what I tell my hubby, at least my "other man" is a laptop!

    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!!!!

  10. Eliza, I can tell you your muse isn't hanging out with mine. Caitlin is hard at work for me! But we'll keep our eyes open for your muse and send her back to you asap!

  11. Oh, and I hope you're feeling 100% soon!

  12. Boy, Eliza, you can tell by the number of responses to your post that you really hit a tender spot! Apparently all our Muses have jumped ship for the holidays. Just hope mine can swim.