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The Pen & Muse Romantic Short Story Contest Winners!

The winners of The Pen & Muse Romantic Short Story Contest Winners!
Congratulations to Kerri Nelson, Susan Blexrud, & Bobbi Kilbarger!
Stay tuned for interviews and excerpts!

Winner for Published Author Category:

Grand Prize Winner
Kerri Nelson with Saucy Celt

Second Place Winner
Susan Blexrud with Three-Toed Annie

Winner for Unpublished Author Category:

Grand Prize Winner
Bobbi Kilbarger for On Occasion

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The Pen Review & Interview with Donna Grant

Welcome to The Pen Review & Interview!
Today's guest is one of my personal favorites.. Donna Grant!

I've read many of Donna's works and I must say she is an amazing writer. She finds new ways to put the magic in romance. I had the privilege to read part of her new series called, The Sisters of Magic. I must say once you read Donna's work, you will be enchanted enough to go ahead and read all of her works. That was my case when I read all of her Shield series.
Don't forget to check out her website to learn more about Donna and her wonderful stories.
If you would like to read more about the sisters and their journeys
please go to

Sisters of Magic: Shadow Magic (Book One)
Cobblestone Press
Genre: Historical Paranormal
Authors Website:
Purchase the e-book from Cobblestone Press
Price: 5.99
Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

I enjoyed reading the first book in the series. Serena and Drogan were my favorite characters in the book. I loved their passion, loyalty, and duty. I believe their quest and qualities are what lead them to each other. They would put their lives at risk to save those they love even if it meant them harm. It was a great read from start to finish. One book that you might to take clear your day to read. Take a look at the summary and excerpt to see if yourself!


With a past soaked in sin and darkness slowly closing in around him to claim his soul, Drogan only wants to live his life in solitude. Years in the king’s service and his numerous deeds directed by the crown have left Drogan with horrendous nightmares and immeasurable guilt.

Serena is a witch, cursed and forever alone. She accepts her future. Until she meets Drogan. With Drogan a passion deep and unyielding awakens inside her. She is willing to sacrifice herself for his love, but can he put his past to rest and embrace the future?


Hawthorne Castle
Central England, 1127

Jealousy, if left unbridled, could turn a good soul as black as Satan.

And so it was the first time Serena of Hawthorne saw Lord Drogan of Wolfglynn. The jealousy was instant and sharper than any needle that could pierce her skin. The fact that she hadn’t even met Drogan and so shouldn’t have noted the beautiful woman on his arm did not go unnoticed by Serena.

She was a bana-bhuidseach, a witch, cursed and forever alone. ‘Twas because of what she was, men rarely caught her attention. Except for Drogan.

Her always sure footed feet faltered and then stopped as the excessively crowded great hall allowed her an unobstructed view of Drogan for a heartbeat. But in that moment, his image would be etched in her memory for all time.

People teemed around her, but Serena didn’t notice. She closed her eyes and let her mind’s eye looked over Lord Drogan of Wolfglynn at her leisure. What she saw made her break into a sweat and her soul stirred for the first time.

Dark auburn hair fell straight and thick, with a slight curl at the end, to his broad shoulders. He had a high forehead with gently arching brows over eyes of a rich golden brown. His nose was straight and aristocratic, and his mouth wide and full.

He wore a brown leather jerkin over a deep green tunic that didn’t hide the rippling muscles in his arms and chest. Her eyes moved lower to his thick legs encased in tight leather. Boots, worn but well cared for, encased his feet and calves.

Serena caught of glimpse of something shiny from the top of his left boot, alluding to a hidden dirk. The broadsword and dagger strapped to his waist let all know he was a warrior.

She opened her eyes and found Drogan staring at her. For the briefest of moments, Serena found herself starting toward him before someone bumped into her. ‘Twas all she needed to break away. She turned her back on Drogan and the longing in her heart.

Duty called.

Sisters of Magic: Echoes of Magic (Book Two)
Cobblestone Press
Genre: Historical Paranormal
Authors Website:
Purchase e-book from Cobblestone Press
Price: 5.99
Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

The second book in the series is the story of Adrianna (Love the name!) and Grayson. Adrianna has been traveling with a band of gypsies for a couple of years. They are like her family until she finds Grayson lying on the ground in peril. What I love about all the women in this series is that they are loving, willing to help, and know their duty. They try to abide by their magical abilities, but in the end know their duty is to their heart. Another part of the series that you will want to read over and over again!


Never say never to love...

Hiding a secret so awful that his only hope for survival is to remain hidden, Grayson has lived most of his life pretending to be someone he isn't. After years serving as a commander to his lord and friend, Grayson can no longer hold back the past.

With his weapons and battle knowledge, Grayson sets out to right the wrong he hadn't been able to stop as well as finding the mother taken from him so long ago.


Summer 1127
Western England, near the coast

Adrianna stretched her neck and flexed her hands that had gripped the reins for too long. When the band of gypsies she traveled with for the past three years stopped for a rest, she gladly hopped down from her seat of her wagon.

The stretch of road they had traveled was narrow and surrounded by woods. She loved wandering with the gypsies, but for the past week, she couldn’t shake the feeling something was wrong. Or was about to go wrong. No amount of magic had given her a clue, either.

As a bana-bhuidseach, a witch, she had spent her time trying to decipher just what was out of alignment. Each banan-bhuidseach had a special gift, and hers was seeing the future.

Adrianna was many things, but she wasn’t courageous enough to look into her own future. Not when her kind was cursed and slowly fading into legend.

As far as she knew, there was only one other bana-bhuidseach. Where once they covered all of Britain, soon no more would see the beautiful land.

The bana-bhuidseach had been around for so long that none remembered their true origins, though some text claimed they hailed from an ancient land of sand and sun.

Adrianna pushed a stray hair behind her ear and moved into the forest. She leaned against a tree and let the beauty and nature of the area soak into her. The need to be alone had driven her into the trees, but it would also help to calm her and the constant fear that something...evil...was about to descend.

The other bana-bhuidseach she had meet, Serena, had been followed by a man drenched in evil. Ever since then, Adrianna had sensed a growing malevolence throughout the land.

Her hands traveled down the elm tree, the bark scratching her palms. She sighed and began to turn back to her wagon when she caught a glimpse of something in the underbrush. Adrianna leaned down and peered through the ferns to find a bloodied hand.

With her heart hammering in her chest, she pushed aside the underbrush and found a man lying on his side. His long black hair was matted with leaves, blood, and mud and covered his face. By the look of the fine material of his tunic, he was a nobleman who had been ambushed most likely by roving bands of outlaws.

She sighed at the loss of life and began to rise to her feet when a moan stopped her.

“By the saints,” she murmured and gently pushed his hair from his face.

With her finger beneath his nose she felt his slow, shallow breathing. If she hurried, she might be able to save him if his injuries weren’t too extensive.

“Milosh! Yoska,” she called out.

As tenderly she could, she turned the man onto his back. Blood had pooled beneath him and stained his light blue tunic. She saw no weapons, no jewelry.

“Drina,” Milosh shouted.

Adrianna lifted her head when she heard the gypsy leader call out the pet name he had given her. “Over here.”

When the tall Romanian burst through the trees, his brother, Yoska, was right behind him. The men had the same black hair and dark eyes and tall, rangy build. They welcomed her into their family when she had found them, never asking questions of her past. For that she would be forever grateful.

Yoska said something in Romanian that made Milosh nod absently.

“Please help me get him back to my cart,” Adrianna said. “He’s wounded, but alive.”

“And soon to die,” Milosh said softly.

“Please, Milosh. I cannot just leave him.”

Sisters of Magic: Dangerous Magic
Cobblestone Press
To be released March 27, 2009

Never tempt magic...

With the darkness holding firmly onto his soul, Cade knows he's destined for Hell. Men like him don't perform the deeds he has, regardless if they came by order of the king, and not elude the darkness.

A loner, even keeping far away from towns, Cade takes what the land provides and vows to keep the two men he thought of as brothers alive from the great evil after them.

He knows his time is short and the evil is looking for him, but there is just enough humanity left in him to aid his friends.


Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself!

Hi, Denise! Thanks for having me. :)

I'm from Texas and have lived right on the Texas/Louisiana border my entire life. I'm half Cajun, so I spent a lot of time in the bayous of Louisiana eating spicy food. I'm an animal lover who always brings strays home (including abandoned baby squirrels). I have a passion for music that moves my soul that stems from my years of dancing. I watch too much TV, own way too many movies, and I never have enough books to read. lol.

Donna, you craft such amazing characters and stories! What inspires you to write? Do you find that your muse takes over when writing?

Aw, thank you! As an author, its such a thrill to hear that my stories and characters have struck a cord with a reader.

I write because I must. :) Its as simple as that. I love when characters come to me and demand their story be told. I love sitting down at the computer and listening to them as they take me on adventures I'd never go on myself. I cry with them when their lives fall apart and rejoice with them when they find the love they've been looking for. Writing for me is like breathing. To ignore my characters is sacrilege. :)

Tell us a bit about your series, The Sisters of Magic? I have to say after reading the first one I couldn't wait for another part of the series to come out!

The heroines in my series The Sisters of Magic were such a delight to write. I didn't want their stories to end!

The trilogy is about a dying race of witches that has been cursed by one of their own and the men who stand by their side and face the evil that threatens the world as they know it.

Each heroine has a special power that will help her find the love that can break the curse as well as fight the evil. The heroes, each great warriors in their own right, have secrets they want kept hidden and deeds directed by the crown that haunts them. Their souls are on the line, and the evil have come to claim them. But their women won't let them go without a fight.

What's your formula for creating such amazing characters? I find myself falling in love with the heroes and heroines. Do you model them after people around you or do they have a bit of you in them?

I wish there was a formula. :) I think a writer can't help but put a little of themselves in the characters. Sometimes I think I'm going to model my characters after someone, and then I start writing. My characters tend to mold and shape themselves however much I try differently.

Do you have any have any other works in progress that you want to share?
I several books coming out this year. Besides the other two books in the Sisters of Magic trilogy, ECHOES OF MAGIC (now available) and DANGEROUS MAGIC (coming in Mar), I have DRAGONFYRE releasing in the new few months. This is Aimery's story. If you've read any books in my Druids Glen, Shields or Royal Chronicles series, you've met Aimery.

Coming in 2009 is a novella, MESMERIZED, about a woman sacrificed to a god who is her intended husband.

And releasing February 2010 to bookstores is DANGEROUS HIGHLANDER, the first book in a sizzling new historical paranormal series, The Dark Sword, from St. Martin's Press. Take a look at for more information.

What would be your advice to aspiring writers out there?
Never give up and keep writing. The publishing business is a difficult one with many lows and few highs, but it is so worth it. The first time you see your book in the bookstore is a thrill you'll not soon forget.

What are your favorite books at the moment?

I'm addicted to JR Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood and Christina Dodd's Darkness Chosen series.

What is your favorite word? Least favorite?

Hmm...favorite word would have to be "awesome!". lol. I say that a lot. Probably too much.

Least favorite is exacerbate. I just hate the sound of that word. Can't explain it. And hubby uses all the time to annoy me.

Happy Valentine's Day !

Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone!
May your day and night be warm filled with love and happiness!

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Don't forget The Pen & Muse Romance Short Story Contest!

Don't forget, only 9 more days away!

I wanted to get a great contest going on here!
The Pen & Muse Blog proudly presents a Romance Short Story Contest!
This contest is open to published/unpublished writers.
There will be two categories/divisions for winners, published and unpublished.

Grand Prize:
Apple Ipod Shuffle (Your choice in color) $50 Value
Interview on the Blog with Story published on the blog.

Second Prize Winner:
$20 Amazon Gift Certificate

Third Prize Winner:
$10 Amazon Gift Certificate
Certificate & Honorable Mention

What Genre's are accepted:

Story length: 10,000 (no more than 10,000 for minimum)
Deadline: February 19, 2009

Please email :
Subject : Short Story Contest
Please be sure to specify your genre and if you are published
or unpublished.
Also you may submit in certain formats: .doc, pdf, rtf, and text.

The Pen Review & Interview with Miriam Newman

Welcome to the Pen Review & Interview with my dear friend and author, Miriam Newman!
Today I got to review and interview a wonderful story called Stupid Cupid.

Stupid Cupid by Miriam Newman
Author's Website:
Pages: 25
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: DCL Publications
Price: $2.50

I love faeries and I love, love so, this story was for me. Those who enjoyed Confessions of a Cleaning Lady will be pleased to know this was the follow up story of the faeries. Although, it's a follow up this story can be read alone. Stupid Cupid is an enchanting tale that lets us believe love and magic are still possible. This is a story that one must pick up not only for Valentine's Day, but for everyday.


When the son of Zeus and Aphrodite bumbles into a meadow south of Killarney, he is met by a band of indignant faeries outraged by his target practice. Soon, however, all the supernatural creatures are overshadowed by an estranged couple intent on fisticuffs! Can Cupid effect a reconciliation between the humans? Or is just a wee bit of intervention by the Fae in order?


“You, Fat Boy.”

Such an insulting tone from a faerie could only come from one with Vixen blood. Burlap took on the enemy.

“That’s Cupidon to you,” Cupid lisped in his irritating falsetto. “What do you want, Vix?”

“Yourself out of here. This is our meadow.”

“But my day is about to be observed. I have leave to pursue humans where I may.”

“Not from us.”

“This is a crucial time and those two seem to be in need.”

“Well, we’re sick of your bloody arrows and we want you out.”

“Take it up with my father,” Cupid yawned. “Right now I need a nap. That woman moves faster than fire from the sky.”

It was a none-too-subtle reminder that Zeus had fathered him and had dominion over the skies. Having been dislodged from one tree home by bolts from the heavens, the band had no wish to repeat the experience. Even Burlap was silent as Cupid took wing, fluttering in his usual lackadaisical manner into the fringe of woods. No doubt he would find the most comfortable roost well padded with moss or even a human tree house—he loved those—and pass the evening in comfort while the faeries picked his arrows out of their meadow.

“It was only the one.” Violet, ever the peacemaker, located Cupid’s projectile. “That’s not too bad.”

“Not yet,” Burlap groused. “But wait till all the young lovers start coming down here. They do, you know, every spring. Just like the salmon, spawning upstream. He’ll have his pick then.”

“But for now it’s too cold,” Blossom said authoritatively. “There won’t be much trouble yet.”

“Ye dinna call those two trouble?” Heather-Bloom snorted. “Rolling on the ground like hedgehogs in a fight?”

“Near as prickly,” Burlap agreed. “I give her the edge, though she’s smaller.”

“Weel, ye know what humans say,” Heather concurred. “Tisn’t the size of the dog in the fight, but the fight in the dog.”

“She’s got plenty,” Burlap said approvingly. She did admire moxie in whatever species.

“It’s none of our concern,” Blossom ruled, but she feared the band would ignore her. Living in forced proximity to humans for several seasons after they had been trapped in luggage and transported to a distant land, they had acquired a taste for gossip. Even now that they had been returned to their own fair Isle, the boundaries between human and Fae were growing ever more flimsy, in Blossom’s opinion. She feared for the future. This was but one more example. She sincerely hoped they had seen the last of the silver-haired man and his feisty mate.


Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself! I loved the faeries and remember them from Confessions of Cleaning Lady! What inspires you to write? Do you find that your muse takes over when writing?

I was born in Bryn Mawr, PA, in the heart of the Philadelphia Main Line, and have lived in Pennsylvania most of my life. I attended George Washington University in Washington, D.C. But the lure of foxhunting and other horse-centered activities in Chester County, PA was too much! Those things took up most of my time when I was young, though I was always involved in writing and publishing poetry. Then I married a man with five children and worked in psychiatric social services for a total of 18 years. That kept me too busy for many other activities. When my husband died, I indulged a lifelong dream of going to Ireland and,returned with two fantasy historical novels completed. That was what kicked off my Muse and now she owns me.

Tell us a bit about Stupid Cupid. I have to say after reading Confessions I wished those faeries had their own tales. Will you plan to do more stories regarding the faeries?

Stupid Cupid is a spin-off from my first book, Confessions of the Cleaning Lady. In Confessions, a band of Irish faeries is accidentally transported in an airliner to the U.S. Pining and dying for their homeland, they are rescued by the one person able to see them--Shawna McCurdy, an impoverished young cleaning lady. For her kindness, the faeries reward her with "a good man." And when Shawna overcomes her fears to follow that man to Ireland, the faeries go with her--smuggled aboard her carry-on!

In Stupid Cupid, the peace the faeries enjoy after their return to their home is short-lived. As Valentine's Day approaches, their meadow is invaded by Cupid, carelessly loosing arrows in a hail of faerie-endangering fire. Worse yet, Alice and Liam Morrissey have chosen that place for meetings while they attempt to work out details of a distinctly non-amicable divorce. Beset by arrows and brawling humans, what's a poor faerie to do? Work a bit of magic, of course.

What's your formula for creating such great characters? Do you model them after people around you or do they have a bit of you in them?

Since the faeries seem to be acquiring their own little fan club, I do expect to be writing more about them. They have some interesting tales to tell. I suspect each of them represents an aspect of my personality.

Do you have any have any other works in progress that you want to share?

I have two works in production. Dancer-Dog is the true story of a pit bull that ate my house, a humorous tribute to a dear friend. Spirit Awakened is a fantasy historical about two people, isolated and emotionally wounded in a war-torn, pre-medieval land. It is one of my favorite manuscripts. I hope readers will enjoy the story of the reawakening of their spirits and that of their country.

What would be your advice to aspiring writers out there?

My advice to aspiring writers is pretty simple: keep writing. Even if you are not immediately accepted for publication, and few of us are, keep doing it. Each manuscript will teach you something you need to know on your journey.

What are your favorite books at the moment?

Right now I am reading King of Sword and Sky, Book III of C. L. Wilson's amazing romantic fantasy series.

What is your favorite word? Least favorite?

My favorite word? My least favorite? Oh, that one's easy. Quit. I cannot stand the word "quit."

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Eliza's Book Recommendation for the Week!

My recommendation for the week is most definitely Renee Knowles' release, Savvy Business Skills for Writers: Nuts and Bolts, which released today from Wild Child Publishing.

I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy, and I think this is a book every writer should have on hand! Whether you're just starting out or been in the biz for awhile, it's a great tool! I will be particularly using her suggestions for attending a conference, this summer at Nationals!

Here's a little information about the author:

Renee Knowles is an award-winning historical and contemporary romance author. She is also a published freelance writer and columnist whose work has appeared in national consumer and trade magazines, as well as newspapers. Besides fiction writing Renee is a freelance editor and writing coach.

In her business life, she’s the owner and president of Total Confidence Image Consulting, LLC, a full-service image and business-etiquette-coaching firm. She has spent over fourteen years as a business manager and successful entrepreneur, during this time serving as a board member of the Arlington LeTip International Chapter, as well as being active in many chamber of commerce organizations. She has presented workshops to writing groups all over the country.

For more information, please visit her coaching site at and her fiction website at

‘I’m writing this series because I saw the need was great and there wasn’t really a good how-to resource out there for writers to learn the business end of publishing. Agents and editors at conferences often speak about how they feel the one area many writers can improve on is the business and marketing side. And, as an editor myself, I've noticed many authors are not as comfortable dealing with promo and networking and career plans as they are with plotting and craft. I’ve seen fabulous writers struggle and I wanted to help them discover all the opportunities that could open to them if they were to expand their way of thinking.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial atmosphere—my family has owned a florist business for over thirty-seven years—I’ve gained a lot of business knowledge even from an early age. I’ve helped many authors find their bearings in this challenging publishing business.”


This is the first book in a series on developing business skills to grow and thrive in the challenging publishing industry. Make no doubt about it, to agents and editors, writing is first and foremost a business. Publishing generates billions of dollars every year. How can a writer find their slice of the pie? That's what this book will help you accomplish.

Of course, having a salable project and great writing ability is ultimately what will sell your book or article and keep your readers coming back. Yet, in this competitive time, you need more. You need an extra edge. Building your business skills will make you shine to editors and agents and help you build an audience. This is what will set you apart from all the other writers who haven't been savvy enough to learn the business end of writing. Ms. Knowles discusses how to creating a dynamic career plan, networking and promoting on a budget, shining at a writers' conference, time management, and no fear public speaking.

Are you ready to take your writing career to the next level?

Reader quotes:

"Savvy Business Skills for Writers: Nuts and Bolts is a book that every writer MUST have! Not only is Ms. Knowles' material extremely helpful, the way she writes made me feel like she was sitting right beside me. She really drew me in, captured my attention, and got me moving on the right track. Being a writer, I don't always find myself excelling on the business end of things, but with this book, I feel a lot more confident. Not only does Ms. Knowles present a great wealth of knowledge, she makes learning fun!"--Eliza Knight, historical romance author and owner of the History Undressed blog.

"Ms. Knowles’ common sense approach to mapping out a thorough business plan is a must have for every successful author!"--Juliet Burns, Harlequin and Red Sage author.


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Win a trip to RWA National Conference for free!

Win $1,500 to defray costs of attending RWA National Conference, 2009, in Washington, D.C. The deadline is fast approaching.

All information can be found at and proceeds benefit the Sheila A. Conway Memorial Fund.

The Pen Review: Eternal Press Reviews

Welcome to The Pen Review!
Today we have some great books to review from Eternal Press!
Eternal Press is one of my favorite electronic publisher to review works for.So when I get the chance to review titles from a variety of authors and genres, I jump on it. So enjoy the treats and be sure to add these to your to be read lists! So we start off with a spine chilling tale called Lizzie's Listening.

Lizzie's Listening by MacKenzie Drew
Authors Website:
Pages: 27
Genre: Horror
Publisher: Eternal Press
Price: 2.50 CA
Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

From the beginning to the end, you will have chills up and down your spine. It reminded me of The Omen and how unpredictable the child was in that where you would never know what would happen next. A great read from start to finish.


Eleven year old, Lizzie Harper is a family's worst nightmare. She is a compulsive killer and nothing short of a demon child. When Rachael Barter applies for a housekeeping job and is hired, little does she realize she will eventually assume the role of surrogate mother to an evil child that has the same traits as Satan, himself…


“Lizzie…you come out here this instant or I’ll go get your mother,” she yelled as she approached the white gate enclosing the cemetery. A distant noise startled her. She gripped the fence and stood wide-eyed. “This isn't funny, young lady. You don’t scare me in the slightest.”

Of course, Lizzie did scare the hell out of her. Lizzie was a warped young soul, but none of it had to do with Rachael’s care. She taught her right, with morals and values; to respect others. Well…at least she thought she did.

“Misssssss Barter.” Lizzie poked Rachael on the back, causing her to leap forward. She jerked around, her hand across her chest. “Where have you been? And where’s Piper?”

Kidnapped by Rita Karnopp
Authors Website:
Pages: 183
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Publisher: Eternal Press
Price: 5.95 CA
Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

A beautiful yet suspenseful tale about a family who may loose it all if they do not rely on each other. Things are rough between a married couple, but they have a newly adopted child. What are they to do? When things get complicated both Laura and Aaron must rely on each other to survive and to keep their adopted daughter, Annie safe. I enjoyed Rita's work and must say it kept me wanting to keep reading without stopping. Even in the end, I wanted to know that everything was going to be okay.


Laura and Aaron Palmer’s marriage is over, but they’ve got newly adopted daughter Amie to consider. If they split up now, young Amie could be taken away from them both forever. Life is complicated, but it takes a turn for the worse when Laura finds Amie’s picture listed in an ad for missing and abducted children. But are the people who claim to be Amie’s biological parents really what they seem, or is something more sinister at play? Alienated emotionally from each other, and paralyzed with fear, can Laura and Aaron find a way to save their marriage and protect their adopted daughter?


“She looks close to frozen already. Damn it, Black Angel, this isn’t right,” the man with a deep voice said. “I went along with some of your ideas, I admit that, but this is going too far.”

“Man, you ain’t got any idea what too far is. Try spending a few years with some good old boys in the slammer, then ya know what’s too far. ‘Sides, these folks know too much. Either they or you go down. What do ya prefer?”

Laura slowly opened her eyes to a narrow slit. She studied the rugged, thin, almost wolfish face of the man called Black Angel. She was surprised that he had pale skin and white hair. He was of brute stature and if she had to guess, at least six feet six inches tall. His black leather jacket and boots encrusted with silver studs made her think of a biker. She quickly figured it out: he was black-hearted and white like an angel. He was the kind of man who made his own rules and went his own way, the hell with everyone else.

“By the time they’re found, they won’t be tellin’ nothin’ to nobody.” Black Angel kicked the ground with his boot tip.

Museums Are Murder by Carol Shenold
Authors Website:
Pages: 43
Genre: Paranormal Mystery
Publisher: Eternal Press
Price: 2.95 CA
Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Museums Are Murder by Carol Shenold is a tale of a heroine with spunk. Check out the excerpt below to see what I mean. I really enjoyed reading this tale. There were twists and turns everywhere and I mean literally. A great read from start to finish, Museums Are Murder does not disappoint!


When Tali agrees to help her friends with the Love County Museum opening, she is expecting a pleasant time with familiar faces—just maybe not as familiar as her former lover, Aiden Courtland. To add to her worries, there has also been a murder. Things start to really heat up when Aiden reveals that a demon wants to cart Tali away to another world—permanently. Now she must face her own powers as well as a were wolf and a demon in order to keep her family safe.


“The Dark Lord knows. He wants to use you for his own gain.”

“Who the hell is this Dark Lord you keep prattling on about?” Even in the dark I knew his expression was pure impatience.

“He’s one of the lords of the underworld, the dimension humans always refer to as hell. He’s a minor demon without much power of his own, compared to some of the others.” He raised an eyebrow. “If he could control access to the ley lines, he could rule an area and charge a toll for use of the power.”

“Like Texas Power and Light?”

“Simplistic, but yes.”

“Even if I believe this demon from hell needs me to control the magic power, what am I supposed to do now? And what is he going to do with me?”

“There are rumors that someone is acting as a conduit for him. The Dark Lord can’t come on his own, but if someone with power calls him by name, Azogareptzen, he can come to this dimension and potentially carry you off to his world, where he would have power over you and could make you do his bidding. He would come at you through those you love.”

“This…this Azo can simply show up from some other dimension and haul me off to hell to be his slave forever and there’s nothing I can do?”

Okay, that came out more high pitched and panicky than I’d planned.

“It’s why I’m here, Tali. To protect you, show you how to find and tap into power you can use to protect yourself.”

“Well, shit. It was bad enough when I realized everything from vampires to werewolves were real. And now you’re telling me I have to learn to use the essence of magic power to protect myself from the unseen things I thought were superstition? That’s got to be the biggest pile of crap I’ve ever heard.”

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Eliza's Book Recommendation of the Week

I've made it one of my resolutions to read more books for pleasure, and I certainly had quite a bit of it, reading my recommendation for this week!

Delilah Marvelle's new release, The Mistress of Pleasure, was a fascinating, sensual, humorous tale, that I thoroughly enjoyed! Ms. Marvelle knows how to not only bring the characters to life, but the story itself. I couldn't put the book down, (in fact I'm going to read it again and again!) and I am sure you'll feel the same way.


Her next release, Lord of Pleasure, promises to be just as tantalizing, and it comes out in August!


Granddaughter of a renowned courtesan, Maybelle de Maitenon has no interest in her grandmother's school in London where gentlemen receive instruction -- in the art of love and seduction. Her only desire in life is to remain indepedent, free from men and the shackles of marriage. But when Maybelle's grandmother falls ill, forcing Maybelle to take over the operation of the school, she discovers that men are in fact creatures of habit and simply need to be re-educated. Then Edmund Worthington, the Duke of Rutherford dares to enroll, looking to alter not only her lesson plans, but her very heart....

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Pen Review & Interview: Terry Spear

Welcome to the Sunday edition of The Pen Review & Interview ! Today I have one of my favorite authors to review and interview, Terry Spear! As you all may know Terry's works have been highly rated. From medieval Scottish highlanders, to vampires, or wolves, Terry's works have inspired and swept us away. I got the chance to read Destiny of the Wolf, which debuts tomorrow. So be sure to pick yourself up a copy! Also, be sure to check out the fun interview and get to know Terry herself!

Destiny of the Wolf

Author: Terry Spear
Publisher: Source Books, Inc.
Pages: 448
Purchase: Amazon
Rating: PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket


All she wants is the truth…

Lelandi Wildhaven is determined to discover the truth about her beloved sister’s mysterious death.But everyone thinks she’s out to make a bid

for her sister’s widowed mate…

He’s a pack leader tormented by memories...

Darien Silver blames himself for his mate’s death.

When her twin arrives in his town, he finds himself

bewitched, and when someone attempts to silence

her, he realizes that protecting the beautiful stranger

might be the only way to protect his pack…

and himself…

This tantalizing, action packed romance, revolves around Darien Silver. A man who is tormented by his mates death. The one person he did not expect to come into his life was his mate's twin, Lelandi. When Lelandi is threatened by those who want to hurt her, Darien has to protect her. What will they encounter? Who will fall? Those who love action packed romances with all the magic of fantasy will enjoy the ride Terry takes you on from start to finish. The chemistry of Darien and Lelandi set the pages of Destiny of the Wolf afire! Be sure to pick up your copy and be ready to be swept off into a world of romance and werewolves!

Now to the great interview with Terry Spear herself! Enjoy!

Where are you from? Tell us a little about yourself!

Originally, I'm from California, panned for gold even, :), wandered through the jungle-like swamps across the street from where I lived in Central Florida, braved the winters in Wisconsin and Colorado, loved the fall colors in NJ and Maryland, the Oregon beaches and cities, yep, I lived all over between having a dad in the AF, and worked for Aerospace and, then when I served as an officer in the Army. Which has given me tons of great real life places to write about. :)

How did you get into writing? Who inspired you to keep at it ?

I've always made up stories, and have always been an avid, obsessive reader. :) My dad was my inspiration, who said I would make it with my writing, and was reading my first historical romance even while they were running tests on him at the hospital. He died of a fast acting cancer before I published my first story. It was The Thirteenth Mission about his last mission before his plane was shot down, and I couldn't write anything because I couldn't quit thinking about him and his life. So crying the whole time, I wrote a small glimpse into one of his perilous adventures. He had many! :) That published work propelled me into writing for magazines and taking a chance to work on my novels again.

What inspires you to write? Do you find that your muse takes over when writing?

I love creating stories, but I've found the best way for me to keep on track is to brainstorm the first meeting between the hero and heroine, what their goals are, and what motivates them to reach these goals. After that, the story evolves as I write. I don't plot out my stories.

Tell us about your works? What inspired you to write them? Who is your favorite character and why?

Right now I have Winning the Highlander's Heart out, a medieval romantic suspense, and what inspired me to write about this story, was doing some research on the various kings of England. Henry I was one of my favorite, so I developed the story around him, the Scots, the Normans, and the Saxons. I love to do research, so when I began writing the werewolf series, Heart of the Wolf, I wanted to ensure that the werewolves when in their wolf forms were like real wolves, except with human sensibilities, and when in their human forms, still had the wolf's attributes. :) Now Destiny of the Wolf follows, just released, with the concept that the town in Colorado is actually run by a werewolf pack, but the werewolves retain anonymity. Temptation of the Wolf follows in the fall. I also write young adult paranormals, The Vampire...In My Dreams, and Deidre's Secret, (psychic teen) coming in March. And the vampire romantic suspense, Deadly Liaisons, coming Mar 31. I loved all my characters, from the arrogant but sensitive heroes, to the spunky females, and the 2ndary characters that keep them jumping. :)

Do you have any have any other works in progress that you want to share?

Huntress for Hire is another vampire romantic suspense, currently requested, so I'm revising it to send in. And I'm working on Plight of the Wolf and the sequel to The Vampire...In My Dreams. How does The Vampire...In My Nightmares sound to you? :)

What would be your advice to aspiring writers out there?

Never give up!!! :) Keep on revising, submitting, writing new works, and some day you'll get there. Just persevere.

What are your favorite books at the moment?

I love Moning's works, Joy Nash's, and Rebecca York's. I'm currently working on judging the Rita so have several books I have to read for that.

What is your favorite word? Least favorite?

oxymoron. :) I love the sound and the meaning. Least favorite is Disrespect, used as a verb. It is not a in, "You disrespect me." My father learned to really read while he was a POW for 16 months in German camps, since he was only 16 when he enlisted. He was a stickler for grammar and when we used something that was incorrect because it had become the fad, he corrected us constantly. His mother was illiterate, so it was really important that we used grammar correctly. It just always stuck with me. :)

Thanks so much for interviewing me, Denisse!

New Release

Miriam Newman's contemporary fantasy novella, Stupid Cupid, is out just in time for Valentine's Day! Released 2/1/09 by DCL Publications, it is the story of an estranged Irish couple who will need help from Cupid and the Fae. Can they be reconciled in time for the holiday?

For purchase or just to see the world's cutest cover and read an excerpt, go to: