Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Day at the Dentist's

Yes, it was that dreaded day...the one that follows your regular checkup, at the end of which the dentist walks in, looks in your mouth, glances at your x-rays and sort of grunts. In my case, the grunt meant a double root canal a week later. That's what I was doing today--sitting in a waiting room and the dental chair for three hours, at the end of which I forked out more money than I even want to think about. A double root canal. Who knew?

I'm happy to say they're far less painful than they were thirty years ago, when I last had one. Still, it was no picnic.

I had to take the day off without pay. That was painful, too, so I decided to get my money's worth. I acquainted the dentist and the four assistants who managed to wander in and out of the room with e-books. They had never heard of them. Never heard of Kindle, never heard of Sony E-Reader, surely never heard of a book you could read on iPod.

They did hear me when I said you could get a book for as little as $3.50. I don't know what my dentist is paying his assistants, but they heard that loud and clear. Of course, I didn't mention the cost of a Kindle, but it confirmed my notion that when that price drops there should be a lot more folks interested in a book for $3.50. Price does matter in these hard economic times.

My contribution for the day (aside from donating to my dentist's college fund for his children) was to acquaint another handful of people with the concept of reading green. Not much, you say? In and of itself, no. But, like water dripping on a rock, we are going to wear our way into the consciousness of readers.

Besides, as I told my publisher after writing my first sci-fi romance, books are too heavy for space ships!


  1. Great post Miriam! I hope you are feeling better. Rest up and talk to you soon!

  2. Oh wow, you poor thing. I hate teeth stuff and have suffered through far more than my share for someone who flosses every day.
    I loved that you educated them about E-books. I've done the same thing with my dentist and oral surgeon. Yep, some of my root canals failed. Had to have two teeth pulled and am looking at an implant. Now that's even more expensive. Ouch!!!
    A great post came from your suffering.

  3. Thanks, Denisse and Beth. Oh, Beth, I feel for you! Floss didn't save me either, though.

  4. I'm glad you made the best of your day -- and still had the energy to blog! You are an inspiration!

  5. Wow, Miriam! I'm so impressed---you should get a true Medal of Valor. Root canals are awful things, not to mention times two, and you found the courage to recommend e-books! You rock, Girl!!!!

  6. Miriam, Aren't you glad you're on the flip side of your root canals? Glad you came through with flying colors! Thanks so much for seizing the opportunity to educate the dentist's assistants about e-books. Every little bit helps. Much appreciated!

  7. Enjoyed your post. I hope you're feeling better after your ordeal.


  8. Thanks, everybody. I feel a whole lot better today, Thursday.

  9. Miriam, you managed to turn an ordeal into a well written piece that made lots of people smile, including me. Good job. Go get 'em, Tiger!