Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fang-Tastic Fiction

This seems to follow on nicely from Susan's post.

My current work in progress is a sweet/sensual vampire romance. I've been brushing up on my vampire fiction for research (and for fun!) and here are my top four from my studies so far...

1. The Undead Next Door by Kerrlyn Sparks

This was the first Kerrlyn Sparks book I read, and I fell in love. She's created a whole new Vampire world. They have their own TV, careers, fashions... you get the idea. Not to mention her Vamp men are adorable.

In this book, you'll become quickly infatuated with hero Jean-Luc and shy but feisty heroine Heather. Sparks has a flair for comedy and a tender touch when it comes to love scenes. A must.

2. Vampires are Forever by Lynsay Sands

Also my first foray into Sands' books, this didn't disappoint. She provides a cool new twist on how vampires came into being. You'll be surprised. You'll laugh. And you'll get hot flushes from the sexy bedroom scenes.

3. Her Hungers by Mary Winter

This is hot, hot, hot. Half vampire, half werewolf, where does Lilah fit in? Maybe between her ex-lover Roarke and her new lover Adrian, one a werewolf, one a vampire, both fascinated by Lilah, both pulled towards her irrevocably...

The spicy sex scenes are interspersed with action that'll have you turning pages furiously until the end.

4. One with the Shadows by Susan Squires

Again, this is a slightly unusual take on Vampirism. I've alays liked the idea of "the companion" who lives inside the host and aong with him/her. Squires makes this theme her own. Warm, relatable characters and snappy dialogue makes this a treat.

Particularly good if you like regency-era stories.

On my nightcreature waiting list to read are:

- Secret Life of a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks
- The Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer (the film is on my list too)
- Curse the Dawn by Karen Chance
- Accustomed to his Fangs by December Quinn


  1. Jasmine, Great list of vampire books. I encourage you to not delay reading the Twilight series. Those books blew me away, particularly the first and third (Twilight and Eclipse).

  2. Yes, I have heard they're awesome. To be honest I've no idea how I've remained untouched by Twilight phenomena, films and all!

  3. Stephanie Meyer's characters are incredibly compelling. I've never cared about characters more deeply than hers. She has an amazing gift. All I can say is, you've gotta read them.

  4. Wow, what a list of books! I have to add a lot of these to my lists to read. Thanks for sharing them! I absolutley love Twilight and Stephanie Meyer. I cannot wait to read her other works that come out.