Monday, July 6, 2009

Misty Evans' Super Agents take their cue from Emily Bronte

My husband and I are celebrating twenty years of marriage next month. We've actually known each other since we were in kindergarten, and I always tell the story about how he refused to give me his school picture in fifth grade and I got him back by marrying him.

When I wrote the first novel in my Super Agent Series, I included my favorite line from Emily Bronte's Wuthering Heights. “Whatever our souls are made, his and mine are the same.” Never was a truer line written about my characters in OPERATION SHEBA or about me and my hubby. While hubby and I appear to be very different (he's tall, I'm short, he's logical, I'm get the idea), he's my best friend, cohort and love of my life.

Same for Julia and Conrad. In the beginning of OPERATION SHEBA, though, Conrad's betrayed Julia by faking his own death. When he rises like a phoenix from the ashes of their past life, she’s understandably mad as hell, and he has to go to great extremes to get on her good side. Like any man worth his salt, he brings her flowers, cooks her favorite meal and even apologizes. But it’s the fact that he faked his death in order to keep her safe that breaks down her defenses.

Julia could see him visibly struggling with shame and guilt. His gaze went to down to the floor, back up to hers. Was it a silent plea for forgiveness she saw in them or only weariness?
She wiped an errant tear off her cheek. “I want to be angry with you and this wicked deception on me, but all I can feel is sadness and regret lodged right here.” She tapped her chest with a fist. “You sacrificed your career and your life to save me, so it’s hard to feel self-righteous after that, but your betrayal has still broken my heart all over again.”
Conrad moved for her then, and she held about a hand to keep him back, but it didn’t work. As soon as he grabbed her, the fight in her dissolved. He kissed her forehead and stroked her hair. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

Julia wants to forgive him, wants to take him back. However, she’s a woman scorned and not about to let him off the hook too easily. Like me, she prefers to keep her soul mate on his toes.

“I know I screwed things up between us,” Conrad said. “But I swear, if you let me, this asshole will do whatever it takes to make it right. I’ll swear it on a hundred Bibles.”
Julia stared at him in the dark for several heartbeats. “Technically, swearing on a hundred Bibles is no different than swearing on one.”
Conrad dropped his hand. “Why do you always do that?”
“Do what?”
“I’m pouring out my heart here – which I’d rather cut off my left nut than do – but I owe you big time, so I’m trying to be …” – he fought his brain for the right word – “…sensitive.” A shiver ran through him. Jesus, this woman could unman him faster than Dr. Phil. “And you completely blow it off to point out some philosophical technicality that makes me look like a dumbass.”
He saw the flash of her teeth in the dark. She was laughing at him. “You’re kind of cute when you’re mad.”
Cute? “Julia.”
“Shut up and kiss me, you sensitive dumb ass.”

When I’m losing my cool, my hubby knows how to talk me down from the ledge, and he always knows how to lighten my mood. In SHEBA, Conrad does the same for Julia, like in this scene where Julia asks him this very important question:

“What if when we were in the field I had gone bad, and you were instructed to being me in dead or alive. Would you have killed me if necessary?”
He pulled the hair back from her face. “If you'd have gone bad, I would have gone with you.”
“What would we have done?”
He pushed the hair behind her ear. “You would have thought of something.”
“Why me?”
“You're the brains of the operation, remember. I get us into deep shit, and you get us out. All great partnerships are that way. Tom and Huck, Bonnie and Clyde, Butch and Sundance...”
“Juveniles and outlaws. Perfect. We fit right in. You're a juvenile and I'm an outlaw.”
“So what are we going to do, Bonnie?”

And with all great love stories, a happy ending isn't necessarily guaranteed, but it certainly is more satisfying. Hubby and I have a lot more chapters to write in our story, but I believe it will be an HEA, no matter what happens. And as for Con and Julia?

Conrad shot her a grin as he worked his way around a group of sunbathers dotting his path. She smiled back, absently rubbing the new silver band on her left ring finger.
Looking down at the book in her lap, she reread a line of prose Emily Bronte had written more than a century before. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.
Raising her head, Julia felt a warm ripple of familiarity as her gaze locked with Con's.
He's mine, she thought. All mine.

Thank you to the gals at Pen and Muse for hosting me today. OPERATION SHEBA is the first book in my Super Agent Series and is available in eformat as well as print. For more about my Super Agents and their books, visit my website at . If you’d like to join my yahoo group or newsletter, email me, and I’ll be happy to send you an invite and add you to my mailing list. Everyone who posts a comment today will be entered in a drawing to win their choice of one of my books!


  1. Boy, talk about some conflict in your story! This looks really good, Misty. Best of luck to you. And best regards to you and your soul mate. You're a lucky woman!

  2. God I love this story. Makes me want to read it again. Cheers to 20 years and keeping men on their toes!


  3. OS is rresistible! These excerpts were some of my favs!

    Congrats to you and hubby, Misty! Dh and I put on 20 years last Nov and I swear I fall more in love with the man everyday!

  4. Aww, Tess. Congrats to you and your hubby too. It's wonderful to be in such a great relationship!

  5. Hi Nana, dear. Thanks for stopping by, and yes, we have to keep our men on their toes! They like to please us, so we might as well let them. hehehe...

  6. Misty, as you know I absolutely love Operation Sheba, these characters are so real, I feel like when I go to Washington next week I should be able to look them up and ask them to come meet me for a drink.

    Congratulations on your outstanding Super agent series. It rawks!!!!

  7. Wonderful post, Misty! I've read snippets, and haven't read OS only bec. I don't have an e-reader. Mow that the book is in print, watch out!

    Happy Anniversary, and congrats on your Super Agent series!


  8. Hello Misty!

    Oh, how I loved, loved, LOVED this book. Both your spy novels had me on the edge of my seat!!

    Not only did I gobble up my e-book, I had to buy the paperback to keep on my shelf. Your books ROCK, woman!

    Reading about you and your hubby is so inspiring too. So there's a touch of you and he in Operation Sheba. Hmmm... Perhaps there are shades of you two in your way-cool sequel, I'd Rather Be in Paris too? *grin*

    Fabulous! I absolutely can't WAIT for the third book to come out! Woo-hoo!!

    --Chiron O'Keefe
    The Write Soul:

  9. Operation Sheba is next on the list after the Stegner book for book club. Looking forward to it and hoping it's a good summer read.

  10. Donnell, I called Con and Julia and told them to be on the lookout for you when you're in DC, so beware. They have a secret decoder ring and code name for you. LOL.

    Nancy H., thanks for the congrats on my anniversary and please let me know what you think of Sheba when you get a chance to read it!

  11. Chiron, there is a bit of hubby and me in Paris too. Hubby and Lawson (like most men) love fast cars and Ducati motorcycles. He also gave me the term "flip and go skirt" because I used to have a couple of those. *wink*

    As for similarities between me and Zara...well, I love ballet. When I was younger I took both ballet and tap and enjoyed them both, but ballet was my thing. For awhile, I was in eat-breathe-sleep ballet.

    And, I took four years of French between high school and college. Another love of mine. :)

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  12. Nancy K, what a nice surprise to have you stop by! I guarantee Sheba will be completely different than Wallace Stenger's novel. LOL. Still, I hope you enjoy it! See you at book club. :)

  13. Congratulations on 20 years with your "soul-mate". My childhood sweetheart and I were friends for over 30 years. We weren't really meant to be together as a couple, but there was an extra sweetness to the friendship. There was an "almost" aspect that lingered until his death at age 37. You don't always get the HEA, but it's nice to know that someone else has it!

  14. I envy those who are lucky enough to find that one person who completes them and are able to stay together. Great book, sounds like too.

  15. Can't wait to read OS. I have a feeling I'm going to love it. The characters sound really down-to-earth and funny.

    And congratulations on 20 years. Same here, except we dated almost 7 years before we got married, so it seems longer. In a good way! Also soul-mates (but much as I love Wuthering Heights, I'm glad he's no Heathcliff :-) ).

  16. Hi Nancy! You know, I kissed a lot of frogs before I realized Mark was the guy for me. And there have been some very trying times in our relationship. Still, I can't imagine life without him. :)

    Ann, dear, lucky you to have your soul mate too! Hubby and I dated for five years before we married. You know how I knew he was serious? He sold his motorcycle to buy my engagement ring. Yep, that was HUGE!