Friday, September 25, 2009

The Pen Review: The Cost of Love


The Cost of Love by Drue Allan

Genre: romantic suspense
Format: hardback

Length: 311 pages

Publisher: Five Star

Pub Date: March, 2010

What I love : The Cost of Love is a breath of fresh air with action and romance packaged into one! This is a must read for those of you who love romance and love a fast paced book. At first you don't know if Dean and Lucinda will succeed, but you also don't expect where the situation would lead. I won't say anymore as I consider this a must read!

Rating: star3a.gifstar3a.gifstar3a.gifstar3a.gif


National security comes at a price. Dean Dreiser learned that lesson long ago. Now, domestic terrorists are testing a biological weapon in southern New Mexico, and Dean is forced to take a new partner—Dr. Lucinda Brown. Lucy is the leading expert in molecular biology, but she has no field experience. Separately, they don’t stand a chance against what dominates the night skies of Roswell, New Mexico. Together, they can do more than survive. They can do their jobs in spite of the scariest thing to crawl out of Roswell since 1947.

The terrorists are willing to kill thousands in order to trigger the fall of the two-party system and usher in a new political dawn. Lucy tracks the genetic print of the weapon while Dean hunts the insurgents. As fate hurtles them across the desert toward a final showdown, Dean will be forced to decide between national security and Lucy. He knows which he has to choose and curses himself for hesitating.

Dean Dreiser can’t afford The Cost of Love.

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