Saturday, October 31, 2009

Grammar Guru - Happy Halloweeen Bloopers!

In the spirit of the holiday, Grammar Guru is bringing you three bloopers with full credit to the contributors!

Does anybody remember the old dictaphone? Yeah, I know, the Guru is dating herself. Well, imagine this mechanical howler courtesy of transcription. Instead of, "Without wishing to create a precedent," we get, "Without wishing to create a president." Thanks, Kate Hofman!

Here's another one from Kate the Great and an automatic translating program:
English: "The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak."
Russian: "The liquor is eager, but the meat is spoiled."
Well, it's Russian. You know vodka had to get into it somewhere.

And finally this classic blooper from Rebecca Vickery, Southern cook extraordinaire, and her SpellCheck program."
When Rebecca wrote, "red-eye gravy," SpellCheck corrected it to "overnight flight gravy."

That's it for the mischief. Now Guru is heading out to the pasture, where someone thought it was funny to take the gate off its hinges and leave it leaning sideways into the pasture. The horse is giving it meaningful looks. After all, the grass is always greener...

Happy Halloween, everyone! Feel free to leave your own bloopers in the comments section and I'll share them in a future post. If you want to be entered in for a drawing for one of our book giveaways, leave your email addy, too!


  1. Thanks, Adele! Hope all is well at your house.

  2. Oh, Grammar Guru, love those bloopers! Have a great Halloween. I'm expecting a troop of little ghouls here in the mountains.

  3. ?Well, Susan, tell them they've come to the right place!

  4. Hi Miriam,
    Love those grammar bloopers. Happy Halloween everyone!!! My little witch was out late with her mom and dad and is now sound asleep with sticky candy all over her face. LOL I didn't have the heart to wake her.

  5. Happy Halloween to your little trickster, Rebecca!

  6. Miriam, I am learning so much from you! Borrowing from Kate, I'm learning to appreciate things that are done correctly--and I sure appreciate you!