Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Release! -- Season of Love

DCL Publications announces the release of their 2009 Christmas Anthology, “Season of Love,” on November 28. Please join me and authors Susan Blexrud, Bill Haworth and Kate Hofman in a sampler with something to please every palate. From Susan’s outrageous vampires in “Mistletoe Fangs” to Bill’s sweet time travel, “The Office Christmas Party,” we explore the paranormal. Then Kate dazzles with one of her classic Greek alpha male contemporaries, “A Special Christmas Gift,” and I finish with “Peace on New Earth,” my first science fiction novella. We had so much fun with this ebook, we hope you will, too!
Ratings are from G to R, sweet to sophisticated.
Link & Excerpt:


  1. Miriam, I'm proud to share the stage with you in this anthology. Loved your story, and as I've said before, I hope you bring Jadelle and Avron back for a sequel.

  2. Thanks, Susan. They'll have to take a number...but maybe!

  3. Congrats Miriam! All your hard work will pay off! I am sure of it. Best of success on this one as well! :)