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Eternal Press Reviews: December Edition

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Title: Too Close to the Fire

Author: Jaydyn Chelcee

Genre: Contemporary Western Romance


What I liked: Exactly what I like in a novel, heat - romance - and of course passion! Chelcee really can write her romance with these two characters and the way they came together. When finally reading that scene, I think I was like Oh my god, thank goodness, they are finally together! I really enjoyed reading this because the characters were so distinct, so real, that you felt like you were there with them experiencing exactly what they were. Those who love unlikely characters coming together to survive and finding love in the end will fall in love with this story.

Your will definitely - Feel the heat—taste the passion—expect to get burned when you’re too close to the fire…


Out of luck—When Dianna’s plane crashes in the Australian rainforest, her life is in the hands of her passenger, Taylor Spencer, a bitter, venom-filled man who so far has only made her life miserable.

Out of hope—The last person Taylor Spencer wants to be stranded with is the spoiled sweetheart of the wealthy Remington family of Rimrock, Montana. Hell, he didn’t even want to be in the plane with her in the first place.

Out of time—Dianna and Taylor, two people at odds, with nothing in common, except a strong will to survive and a desire for each other that neither is willing to acknowledge.

Feel the heat—taste the passion—expect to get burned when you’re too close to the fire…


“Ha! I’m a damn good pilot.”

“Give you a little power, and you’re a petrifying terrorist behind the controls!”

“I have excellent piloting skills.”

“Oh, yeah? What about all those rough patches, the plane shaking and dropping altitude?”

“Is it my fault there have been several stretches of turbulence? I can’t control the weather, for Pete’s sake. Besides, I owed you for the ‘damnable incident."

“What damnable incident?”

“You know what damnable incident.”

“I have no idea what you’re jabbering about. Stop fooling around with the plane,” he yelled. “You’re going to kill us!”


Title: Insatiable

Author: Roxanne Rhoads

Genre: erotica


What I liked: Roxanne Rhoads never disappoints with her work. From hot sexy scenes, to finding out who you are as a character, to finding love in places you'd thought never to be found, you couldn't possibly want more! You gotta read this one!


Scarlett has an extraordinary appetite for sex; a completely insatiable need.

Unfortunately, she grew up in a small town where women like her were frowned upon and treated badly—and her sexual escapades did not go unnoticed.
So when Scarlett decides to pack up and move, the last thing she expects is to find in her new city is Marcello, the most beautiful and erotic man she has ever laid eyes on and who seems to have an equal appetite for the pleasures of the flesh.

Despite only ever needing sex in the past, Scarlett soon finds that Marcello leaves her wanting more. But can love and her unquenchable thirst for sex exist together? Can he accept her for who and what she really is and find a way to let their passions sizzle for more than just a weekend?


There were several women and only one man in the room. The man was so gorgeous I stopped dead just to stare at him. I had never seen a man that was so beautiful, yet so masculine. He was naked, muscles rippling over his bronze flesh. His raven hair looked like dark silk in the candlelight. His square jaw was softened by full lips and his green eyes sparkled with unnatural brilliance. He was so hard he could have been carved from stone. He turned to look at me and his sensual lips formed the most inviting smile.

“Come join us,” he said. His voice was deep and sensual with a slight Italian accent. I was drawn to him. More than just desire coursed through me as I neared him. His eyes seemed to reach right into my soul and look around.

I sat next to him on the pillows that covered the floor. I wanted to touch him, for him to touch me. Something stronger but similar to electricity was coursing between us. I wondered if he could feel it, or was it just me. I had never felt such an intense attraction to anyone before in my life.

“This must be your first time. I’ve never seen you before.” He looked at me with those dazzling green eyes. I swear his eyes caressed me. I could feel them all over my body as if he were touching me. Perhaps it was just wishful thinking.

“Yes, this is my first time at the club,” I replied. My voice was a little hoarse and I was dumbstruck by his sheer beauty and the intense sexuality that he exuded.

“Do you like it?” He asked.

“Oh, yes. I like it very much.”


Title: Ink Me

Author: Robin Wolfe

Genre: Erotica


What I liked: Wolfe gives a whole new meaning to getting a tattoo, falling in love, and romance. A must read!


Marie plans to get a tattoo that’s deeply important to her and needs the perfect artist to do her ink. But at her first appointment with award-winning tattooist Paul, she realizes that his pictures in tattoo magazine profiles don’t begin to do him justice. As embarrassing as it is for her to admit to herself, she knows she’d like to get a whole lot more than just a tattoo from him… and she soon discovers the feeling may be mutual!


He picked up a felt-tip pen and made a few guide dots, extending the dots as lines onto the edge of the paper, then picked up the stencil and set it aside. He pulled a small jar from below the table.

"This is Vaseline. I'm going to smear some on your skin to make the stencil lines stand out." I nodded and he scooped Vaseline from the jar with a tongue depressor and put it into a disposable plastic cup, then put the jar away. He paused before taking a dollop of the gel from the cup and dropping it onto my skin.

When he started smoothing the gel over my flesh with his gloved fingers, my breath caught. He stopped, his fingertips still resting between my hipbones, looking at me with dark eyes. "You okay?"

Your touch breaks my brain. "Yeah. Yes. I'm fine."

His fingers eased over my skin in slow strokes, trying to distribute the gel in a thin and even layer. I closed my eyes and focused on it, the feel of him touching me in such a sensual way. I wanted to memorize it so I could remember it later on; I knew I'd be jilling off to this for at least a month. Fuck me right here on the table. Do me all greasy with Vaseline, those strong arms around me and your gorgeous lean body on top of mine. When I come I'll scream "Paul" so loud everyone within a mile will hear it.

I shivered with desire. Paul paused again and I opened my eyes to find him looking at me. He raised his eyebrows and the heat from his fingers splayed across my pelvis seemed to radiate into my bones. "Still with me, Marie?"

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