Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Pen Review: Dark Knowledge


Dark Knowedge

By Keith Pyeatt

Genre: Paranormal/Horror/Thriller

Length: Novel

Price: $5.50

Publisher: Lyrical Press

Digital Publication Date: October 19, 2009


What I liked: Talk about leading a double life, poor Wesley, a gift is never truly a gift even though you may think it is. With good comes the bad. Wesley surely will learn this while on his journey even when he needs to regain what was once his. Pyeatt truly put his heart and soul while writing this and it shows. A non-stop horror filled thriller from start to finish. Readers of horror and those love a good scare will love this book!


When good and evil intertwine, taking one means accepting the other.

When Wesley discovers a world inside his mind, he’s offered more than just an escape from mental illness. He’s given gifts of knowledge he carries back to the physical world -- unaware that with the good, comes the bad.

As knowledge builds Wesley's intellect and gives him the ability to heal sick friends, he’s thrust into an evil contest, pitted against opponents who have trained their entire lives to kill.

As Wesley fights for his life in two worlds, piecing together his mind and his heritage, the harder it becomes to distinguish good from evil. The greater his intellect, the more difficult his choices…and sacrifices.

Read an excerpt here

Content warning: violence (some graphic), Satan, strong language.


  1. Excellent review. One more happy reader realizes a great book when they read it. Kudos!

  2. muse are the best and they have good music i like them