Monday, December 7, 2009

The Pen Review: Eternal Press


Title: A Case of Love

Author: Wendy Stone

Genre: Suspense, Romance

Price: $6.95

Rating: star4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gif

What I liked: One word? No I couldn't give it just one.. I love it! Mackenzie's character was amazing. I'm all for the feisty woman. Mackenzie and Gideon were meant for each other! I must read!


Mackenzie Hunter was a small feisty woman with the will and drive, to do something her family wasn’t happy about.

Gideon Hawkins was a narcotics cop with a chip on his shoulder and the attitude to keep it there.

What happens when Mackenzie goes undercover to find out information on the biggest Narc operation in the city? Will Hawk be able to save Mac when a serial arsonist decides he’s her biggest fan? Will this become a murder case, or will it be their own, Case of Love?


The streets were surprisingly quiet for a Friday night. Mackenzie Hunter yanked again on the skirt of the short dress she wore, cursing under her breath. It hadn't been her idea to be out here this late at night, especially not dressed the way she was. Damn Selena Jenkins and her stupid ideas to hell.

So yeah, truthfully, she could have said no. She could have gone about getting the story her own way and be doing it in her comfortable jeans and tennis shoes. She could have snuck through into the alley behind the huge warehouse, and climbed up on the dumpster like a good reporter should.

But no-o-o-o. She had to listen to the paper's big mouthed advice columnist. Yanking down her skirt once more and balancing precariously on the sky high skinny heels she wore on her tortured feet. She reached into the purse she carried, feeling the wires she'd pulled out of her car engine and then the tape recorder. Hitting the buttons, she set it to voice activation by feel and then reached out and knocked on the big door in the front of the warehouse.

Kenzie heard the sound of male voices inside, then footsteps heading toward the doorway. She shook her head quickly, making her short black curls dance around her heart shaped face. Her hand slid down past her waist, to rest on her hip, in a typical come hither type stance.


Title: That Taste of Orange

Author: Valerie J. Patterson

Genre: Contemporary romance; holiday theme

Price: $3.95

Rating: star4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gif

What I liked: What more could you want with a Christmas story! Ms. Patterson, gets it right with her exceptional story. A story of love. Something we all need during the holidays.


If ever two people were perfectly suited for each other, it’s Sabrina and Chas. Both pastry chefs. Both excellent cooks. And both love the taste of orange. But the Christmas season has been a very busy time at their pastry shop, and they’re both feeling the weight of the long hours, the lack of personal time, and the stress of the holidays.

Sabrina wants nothing more for Christmas than to regain the wonderful relationship she once had with her husband. The very traits that drew her to him in the beginning are now driving her crazy. Chas loves his wife, but he’s overworked and needs some down time. When he suggests they need time apart—and neglects to tell her where he was one evening—Sabrina thinks the worst.

Will the end of the holidays signal the end of their union? Or can one juicy little orange bring them back where they belong?


She got up and went downstairs, wondering where Chas was. As she stood in the kitchen doorway, she smiled. He was wearing the bottoms to a pair of pajamas she bought him last year. They had candy canes all over them. His dark brown hair—which reminded her of dark chocolate when wet—was damp and a crescent-shaped section hung over his forehead. It was clear that he’d taken a shower while she napped. She wondered how he’d been in their bedroom without her knowing. Used to be, she could just sense when he was around her.

His chest was bare save for the bib apron he wore. In the front pocket of the apron were a hand towel and a potholder. Tucked into the waistband of his pants was another hand towel. On the counter were several small glass bowls containing various ingredients circling a large mixing bowl, a carton of eggs, and the bottle of Amade ChocOrange liqueur. He picked up a wooden spoon, twirling it like a drummer would a stick, before using it to mix whatever was in the bowl. She watched him, unable to take her eyes off his biceps…watching them pump up and down as he reached for the little glass bowls one at a time, dumping ingredients into the mixing bowl. Exchanging the wooden spoon for a stainless steel whisk, he hummed as he expertly whipped the chocolate-orange velvet cream to a light, delicate fluff.

He grabbed a teaspoon from the drawer, which he dipped into the cream. Her eyes followed the spoon to his mouth, eagerly watching his tongue as he licked the remains of the cream off the stainless steel. Her body heated up. She really wanted to go in there, rip off the bib apron, and smear his chest with that cream.


Title: Prey for the Wolf

Author: Kari Thomas

Genre: Paranormal romance

Price: $4.50

Rating: star4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gif

What I liked: Kari Thomas knows how to make a girl shiver when reading her books! Prey for the Wolf is simply delicious and phenomenal! This is a must pick up for the holidays and every day!


Bethany Garrett's brother is kidnapped by a group known as The Hunters who make it their life mission to track down and kill shapeshifters. The Hunters offer Bethany a deal for her brother's life: Infiltrate the most dangerous group of wolf shifters known and help destroy them. She's not prepared for the instant attraction she feels for the alpha of the pack, Kane Steele. Now, not only is her life in danger but also her heart and soul. Because once Kane finds out the truth of why she's there, she doesn't stand a chance of living very long. And Kane has her sited as his prey now. Bethany knows the time for turning back was lost the minute she and Kane met. And she's about to find out what it means when a wolf shifter tells her she's his, no matter what happens in the following days of peril...


The big house was quiet, and she saw no one else around as she walked into the dining room. Immediately the atmosphere changed around her. It was noticeably tense. Charged. She stopped in the doorway and instantly locked with Kane’s hard stare. She almost forgot to breathe.

He was stretched out in a lounging chair against the wall, his long legs out in front of him and his arms folded at his chest. He appeared relaxed but she acutely felt the odd tension radiating off him from across the room. He reminded her of a predator just waiting to spring. The thought struck her hard: He’s every bit the wolf he shifts into.

She couldn’t explain to herself why that thought thrilled her, excited her to hot, sensual awareness of him. She was distinctively aware of every breath he took as he stared at her. For just a moment it felt as though they breathed in unison. It was an erotic feeling she’d never experienced before. She caught her breath in a small gasp and broke the pattern.

His thorough gaze traveled from the top of her head to her toes, lingering in certain spots on her body. Invisible heat flowed over her. She felt scorched –and caressed at the same time.

Bethany took another deep breath and released it slowly. “Hello, Kane.”

He smiled, his lips curving in a tight slash before he answered. “Bethany.”

Was that all he was going to say? It was obvious he wasn’t going to make this situation any easier for her because she could see it in his eyes. It was as though he was waiting for her to make the move that would set this scene in motion. She just wished she knew what he expected. She knew he wasn’t happy with the engagement; he’d already made that perfectly clear. And she’d heard him arguing with Ethan after she had moved in earlier this afternoon. He didn’t want her here. Not for anything would she let him know how his resistance bothered her. Not yet, anyway.

The strained silence lingered as she stood there in the dining room doorway and they continued to stare at each other. She tried to think of something to say to break the tension between them. Nice weather we’re having, huh? Yeah, Bethany, she mentally chastised, that should make him look at you with less disdain.

Kane suddenly stood and advanced on her. He walked slowly toward her, holding her gaze captive. His glide was smooth and calculated. She got the distinct impression he would look like that when he was stalking prey. She shivered. She realized she was holding her breath and gasped in a quick intake of air. Maybe I’m that prey.


Title: Their Secret Paradise

Author: J. Rose Allister

Genre: paranormal erotic romance

Price: $4.50

Rating: star4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gif

What I liked: Who can resist the call of the Bahamas. It's a paradise in itself, but when Gina visits, it's something not to miss! A hot and sexy read. It's sure to keep you warm this winter!


The siren call of the glittering Pacific can stir the most sensual of fantasies, especially on an island that simmers with supernatural eroticism. Parapsychology graduate Gina Munson knows better than to fall victim to the special “charms” at her uncle's resort...until a muscled building contractor stumbles across her private sunbathing nook and heats up her summer Bahamas paradise.


She froze beneath him, the catch in her breath alerting him to something other than complete surrender to erotic heaven taking place beneath him.
He stopped moving. “What is it?” His tone was gentle, yet ragged with breathless desire.

“This.” Try as she might, she couldn't will herself to move away, nor her voice to raise above a whisper. She was frozen in panic. “This isn't...real.”

“I know.”

She blinked, seeking his gaze and finding it calm, accepting. “You do?”
He brushed a sweaty strand of hair back from her forehead, pressing his lips to the area he'd left abandoned. “Yes. I've dreamed of you so many's hard to believe you're really here with me.”
The tone was hypnotic and dangerous, threatening to weave her back into the sticky trap of island magic, but somehow she had to stay logical. She had to think this through.

Gina shook her head, trying to clear her thoughts. “I mean this is...surreal. It isn't what we think. What you feel...what I'm isn't real.”

“This isn't real?”


He teased her lips open with his tongue, igniting a maelstrom of pleasure with his tongue. “So, we're just imagining this?”


His head lowered to her breasts, nipping one peak lightly to elicit a soft cry. “This doesn't feel real?” He pulled his thick, pulsing erection back, then plunged it with gentle, but firm insistence until she cried out. “How about this?”

A fresh prickle of perspiration broke out on her brow, and she closed her eyes to avoid the possessed, burning reality of his own. “No. We can't let this win, we...”
He moved in and out of her again, seeking to claim all new depths of her by pushing his hips against her pelvis. “If you're not real,” his breath came in shorter gasps as his control over their building ecstasy seemed to waver, “then I want to stay in this dream with you forever.”


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