Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Season of Love

This DCL Publications Christmas anthology was released November 28 and I'm happy to report is #1 for the publisher at Fictionwise. We have received some nice reader reviews and now the first review site has given us their opinion:

Available for a reasonable introductory price at http://www.fictionwise.com/, Season of Love is a seasonal anthology featuring an installment in the Fang series, Mistletoe Fangs, by Susan Blexrud. British author Bill Haworth contributes a ghost story in the spirit of Christmas--The Office Christmas Party. A modern-day Scrooge makes life miserable for his office-mates in London, but is called to account by a most unlikely resident of the building. Contemporary author Kate Hofman offers A Special Christmas Gift, a tender story of reconciliation. Finally, I have written my first sci-fi novella, Peace on New Earth. With plague threatening both their people, will the love of a New Earth medical technician and a native leader be enough to bring peace to their shared home?

We hope you will join us for a little holiday cheer and romance!


  1. Thanks for posting Season of Love, Miriam. I enjoyed working with you on this anthology, and I am tickled pink to see it doing so well!

  2. No problem, Susan. It's always nice posting for something that's #1, ya know? :)

  3. Congratulations! What wonderful news! But then with Susan Blexrud, Miriam Newman and Bill Haworth as authors--Season of Love has to be a special treat! I genuinely have enjoyed all three authors stories.