Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Announcing The Pen & Muse Book Trailer Contest!


Think your book trailer has what it takes to win?

Put yourself up against the best out there!

Winner will win an 30 dollar gift card to Amazon.com!

Send your entry to thepenmuse(at)gmail.com, subject: BT Entry

Official Rules:

1) One book trailer per author.

2) Trailer link and title must be sent via email.

3) Trailers must be put up via Youtube.

4) You have until Jan. 8th to send your entry.

Voting Rules:

1) Votes will be counted via email.

2) One vote per person and per email. No multiple email accounts should try to vote over and over again.


  1. Sounds like an interesting contest. One question: Do pseudonyms count or is it just one entry no matter how many pen names you write under? Just wondering...

  2. one entry per author. So one per person. Thanks.

  3. Is there somewhere on your site where visitors can get quick information as to how they might vote for book trailers??