Monday, January 18, 2010

The Pen Review: Tasmin's Choice


Tamsin's Choice

Author : Mardi Ballou

Genre: Sci-fi

Publisher: Ellora's Cave


What I liked: I really enjoyed reading this story about a Empress who will do anything to save her planet and her father from falling into the hands of the evil monster. What's a girl to do but find her mate in 24 hours! I love the Empress for her character, conviction, and courage. She is everything and more with this, from the dialogue to the characters, this world was well created by Ballou. A great read from start to finish, this is a love story and an adventure not miss!


Duty forces Empress Designate Karloutria from Planet Nowemapo to find an Earthling mate in forty-eight hours. Prepared to sacrifice her chance for love to save her father and her planet from a monster, Karloutria never expected to fall for Luca.

Luca d’Alessandro needs a second chance. All he has to do to rule Nowemapo as the empress’s consort is beat out the hefty competition and make it through the ritual sex trials. Piece of cake, as long as he keeps his head on straight and his soul buttoned-up. But then he never expected to feel what Karloutria arouses in him.

Want to read an excerpt: Go here

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  1. Always good to see some sci-fi romance being reviewed, Denisse!