Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trailer Contest Winners!

The Winner's of The Pen & Muse are :

1st Beth Trissel with her trailer for Somewhere My Love!
2nd Kerri Nelson's trailer for Soul Searcher
3rd Wings of Desire trailer by Arianna Skye

Congratulations to our Winners!
To those of you who did enter, but didn't make it, never give up. All of your trailers were amazing and keep us on tabs.. you never know when another contest may pop up!


  1. Wow! Thanks Pen & Muse! Thrilled to have placed 2nd in this amazingly fun contest.

    I promoted your blog, search for a book reviewer, and newsletter design service over on my blog! Hope you get some traffic over this way.

    I luvvv the Pen & Muse! xoxo

  2. Sorry I'm late to comment, but just wanted to say thanks :-)