Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Pen & Muse Review: HEART OF GOLD

Author: Riley Ashford
Genre: Paranormal quickie released January 22 at Ellora’s Cave
Price & Info: ISBN: 9781419925726
Price: $2.49 (e-book) Available at: www.ellorascave.com

Rating: star4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gif

What I liked

The parallel stories. Centered around an old southern plantation, empty for two hundred years due to being haunted, I found the ghosts’ stories sweet as well as sad. The new owner, Kylie, never knew the love of family but is determined to restore the place. In walks the black descendant of a former slave from the property and the heat level rises. I liked their open, honest feelings, especially Kylie’s use of food adjectives…chocolate toes, anyone?

Book Blurb

Local “history” says Gilmore Tucker sold Paradise, the beautiful slave he loved, and murdered his wife. So why is Gilmore trapped in his old plantation house, lamenting his lost love and fending off the evil bitch he married?

Enter Kylie Goldheart, looking for a place to belong and hoping the abandoned Tucker’s Plantation will be it. After cracking her noggin by a push from a not-so-friendly ghost, she’s rescued by Gil Baker, Gilmore’s descendent, who has returned to honor his ancestors by reuniting Paradise with her soul mate…if sprinkling her ashes on Gilmore’s grave can be considered an appropriate reunion.

The attraction between Kylie and very sexy Gil is intense, but their instant romance riles the evil lingering among the crumbling ruins of the magnificent old house.

Publisher Note: Previously published elsewhere under the title Tucker’s Paradise, but has been expanded for EC.

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