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The Sharp Points of A Traingle by Rachel Brimble

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Book Blurb

A humorous look at love and second chances.

Hannah Boyd has been crowned the youngest Independent Financial Adviser in the UK. She has kicked out her boyfriend whose idea of romance is leaving skid-marked boxers on the bedroom floor, or sharing a chillie-kebab in front of the football game on a Saturday night. She is successful, single and about to secure one of the wealthiest men in England as one of her clients. But then the one person she never wanted to see again reappears as her biggest rival.

Jamie Young never stopped loving her, but is now competing against her in the cut-throat business world. He has to find a way to secure both the lucrative client and Hannah. Will she agree to work for him so he can keep her close and let him mend the heart he broke so badly? Or has he lost her forever?


What I liked: Amazing story from start to finish! I love Hannah as she tries to distance herself from her ex love Jamie Young, but what ends up happening is that she goes back into her past. With a current boyfriend who just can't understand that he's no good for her, Jamie who wants her and what she can offer him, and a budding career, what is a girl to do? Find out and read The Sharp Points of a Triangle.


“Shit! Jamie?” I manage to splutter before slapping my hand over my mouth.

My heart lodges in my throat and I start to choke. And then I watch in slow-motion horror as he leaps towards me and proceeds to clap me on the back. No matter how hard I try, I can’t catch my breath and I expel spittle over his suit, hacking like a forty-a-day smoker.

Someone pushes a glass of water into my hand and once I find a scrap of air between coughs, I gulp down the liquid. And even my breathing finally regulates, I cannot find the strength of character to look at him. Not Jamie. Not now. Not here.

“Hannah?” Mr. Baxter is pushing his way toward me. “Are you all right? My goodness, come and sit down.”

I feel the weight of Jamie’s hand lift from my shoulder as Mr. Baxter leads me away from twenty pairs of eyes to the relative privacy of a vacant corner. I drop into a chair.

“What happened? Did you choke on a satay stick?” he asks.

“I’m fine, really. Something took me by surprise and I started to choke, that’s all.”

“Something took you by surprise?”

“Or someone.”

I snap my head up at the sound of Jamie’s rich, velvety voice. Good God, he is something else. My heart threatens to cut off my air supply once more, but I manage to swallow it back down to my chest where it belongs.

“Jamie,” I whisper.

“Hello Hannah.”

He smiles down at me from his incredible six feet two inch height and I feel trapped. His smile reflects his amusement and I notice that the dimple in his left cheek is still there. Only now it’s shadowed amongst the faint grey of his stubble and fifty times as sexy.


Players by Angela Daniels

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Rating: star4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gif

What I likedI really enjoyed reading this story about Mishon and Ryan. Two friends once upon a time who have gone college together, as two completely different people. Ryan who has wanted Mishon for as long as he met her will find that the only way he can compete with her and her love is to be a player. Will they find out that they are more than players in the game or are they mearly fooling themselves! A must read, Daniels does not disappoint here!

Book Blurb

Mishon and Ryan, two players engaged in an erotic battle of wills, find themselves beaten by love.

Mishon Lewis has always enjoyed having men fall at her designer shoe-clad feet. And none more so than her attractive but geeky college bud Ryan Anders. But now, Ryan has transformed himself into a hot womanizer by taking a How To Be A Player course. As he turns his newly acquired skills on her, she wonders if he’s using her as his final exam. Well, if so, he’s in for one helluva battle. She’ll crack his newfound and oh so sexy confidence and have him panting for her once more.

Ryan has lusted after the sexy siren since they met. But watching her skim through, and reject, men other women would do anything to keep, had convinced him she was out of his league. That was before the course. With a re-imaging and new skills has come a confidence he’s always wanted. And even better, the ability to go head to head with Mishon.

What neither of them realizes is that there is a third player in their game. Love.


He flashed a charming smile then hung his head. “Heather, I’m crushed you think so poorly of the male gender.” Then he looked up at her, hopeful. “How can I improve your opinion of us?”

The blonde glanced at Mishon a bit nervously. “Is he always like this?”

Mishon took another sip of wine and tried to appear casual. “Not really. This is something new.” Ryan gave her a slow flirtatious smile. His blue eyes held a careless gleam.

“Happy you noticed, Mishon.” His manicured hand was careful not to ruin the gelled spikes in his blonde hair as he swept a stray strand behind his ear. She wondered why the action didn’t strike her as prissy. Quite the contrary, his new urban chic look made him seem worldly and sophisticated. And the new found confidence that came with it held a hint of danger. Sexy. Just the type of man she was attracted to. Just the type of man Ryan had never been…until now.

Mishon, used to him being completely enamored with her, wasn’t about to let him know the tables had turned. She regarded him calmly as she addressed their waitress. “Ryan and I have been friends since college, and in ten years I’ve never seen this side of him.” She smirked at him. “Seems he has taken himself a course in attracting babes.” And I’m his final, she suddenly realized. The notion both angered and intrigued her. Going head to head with Ryan, the Player sounded like the kind of challenge she loved. Who could keep the upper hand and remain in control? But this wasn’t the kind of game she usually played with friends. Not with people she was close to.

He retained his composure and casually sipped from his wine glass. He turned that flirtatious smile on the other woman. “Not in attracting women.” He stressed the word ‘women’ as if offended she had used the term ‘babes.’ “In being attractive to women. There’s a difference.”


Genre: Adventure, Romance

Rating: star4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gif

What I liked: Bring on the action and adventure for Lions, Kisses and Petrodollars by Gabriel Timar! Timar surely knows how to write as the homework was done. I could imagine myself in the 1960's with the two lovers, Geoff and Michelle. What more could I ask for in a romance, tons of adventures. Surely not to disappoint readers, Timar is an author to watch for and will be on my list to watch for more stories to come!

Book Blurb

The tale of a chase across the African continent, as the hero saves the heroine from assassins or prison, under the snowy peaks of Kilimanjaro.

Set in the late 1960’s, the tumultuous love affair of Geoff and Michelle and a questionable real estate transaction in Canada, is the backdrop to an accurate, though irreverent, humorous and politically incorrect still photograph of the post-independence of Africa.


My blood ran cold. I wished I’d never met the Parmentiers, as I absolutely did not want to drown and become breakfast for a passing crocodile. Looking at Michelle, I was sorry for her. It would be completely senseless end, to the life of such a beautiful woman in the Nile, even if I would not marry her as she wanted.

Suddenly, we heard the roar of the rapids. The outcrops seemed to be coming at us with a frightening speed. Finally, the canoe grated on the bottom of the river and halted some distance from the bank.

The boatman stepped into the water and signaled us to follow him.

“Sorry, we have to disembark this way, but the water is lukewarm and the bottom is sandy with the odd smooth stone,” I told the Parmentiers.

“Never mind. We arrived safe and sound,” he replied.

Fortunately, no crocodiles came to attack us as we slowly pushed the canoe to the bank. The boatman and I lifted it out of the river, then I handed him the twenty pounds we had agreed upon.

“Thank you, bwana,” he said. ‘Now let’s carry the boat up stream. This place is too close to the rapids for my return trip.”

“Go and find someone who will lend you a hand. We are in a hurry.”

“I am in a hurry too. My mother died,”

Most likely, he wanted to squeeze some extra money out of me, the soft hearted mzungu, as the locals called the white man. I gave him five pounds, and he happily headed for the nearest village.

“I was worried about staying so long in the shallow water,” I told the Parmentiers.

“Why? I thought we were in real danger only in the middle of the river,” Michelle said.

“The bloodthirsty crocodiles attack close to the bank, since there is much more game there. Children often fall victim to them while their mothers are doing the laundry on the riverbank. Although, the crocs would not have eaten us since we are too big for them, they could have badly injured us.”

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