Monday, February 8, 2010

The Pen Review: Rightfully Mine


RIGHTFULLY MINE: God’s Equal Rights Amendment

Originally published by Thomas Nelson, reprinted by Aggie Villanueva at

Genre: Romance/historical/Biblical Fiction, fiction

Price & Info: ISBN: 978-0-557-08654-2

Price: $12.97 (also available as e-book)

Available at:

Rating star4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gif

What I liked

Ms. Villanueva paints a rich description of a tent city in the time of Moses as his people near the Promised Land. Her characters come alive as she gives us a flavor of people surviving hunger, war, and an unknown future but with a deep love for their God. The love triangle between her heroine and two good men is poignant and sometimes painful. The joy of marriage and babies is mingled with forsaken love and intertwined with people’s natural shortcomings. Though steeped in historical facts, the love story at the heart of this piece kept me reading to see if a happy ending was possible.

Book Blurb

Let us enter into an era in Israeli history where anticipation is a palpable hum, where the bedouin lifestyle gives way to the birth of a nation, a promised nation, where men gear up for war: The era between their forty-year wandering and their victories over Canaan.

After wandering in the plague-ridden desert for forty years the Israelites are preparing to move on at last to the Promised Land. But when Moses divides the new land among the men of Israel, it is Rizpah (called Noah in Numbers 27) who has the courage to fight for her family of sisters.

It was an unexpected blow to realize that the Promised Land was being divided all right, but only between the men. Rizpah must stand against an entire nation of men to earn for her and her sisters what is rightfully theirs.

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