Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Review: Charming Annie by Arianna Hart

Charming Annie
By Arianna Hart

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance (Military/Medical)

Release: January 29, 2010 as single title (originally released in Honor Bound trilogy, also from Ellora's Cave)

Price: $5.20 (available as an e-book only) ISBN: 9781419924972

Publisher: Ellora's Cave 

Rating: star4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gif

What I liked:
Hot-hot-hot! Arianna Hart can definitely write one hot sex scene. I appreciated, as a reader, that the romance was so deeply entwined in the sex, as well. I loved the fact that the heroine wanted the sex to be more than just sex, and wasn't afraid to admit that to herself (even if she couldn't admit it to the hero). And definitely one hot hero. The badass military type with a heart of gold. While I loved the characters, the conflict they were caught up in seemed very contrived, and took away from some of my enjoyment of the love story. But in the end, I was satisfied with what I read, and the way the story climaxed. I do appreciate the way that this book ended, and I was happy to have read it, when it was all over. I did not know, until looking at Ellora's Cave, that this was part of a trilogy on military heroes. I will definitely be checking out the other two books in this trilogy. Unlike mainline contemporary heroes, I think military heroes have a violent edge to them that they can satisfy that doesn't make them frightening to read. Plus, when you're such a great mixture of hot and sweet and completely badass, like Mace here, it's just a pleasure to know you.

Book Blurb
As Major Annie Forbes heads home from her shift as a nurse at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, the last thing she expects is to be running for her life.

With the help of Mason “Mace” O’Keefe, an injured helicopter pilot, Annie must find a way to save the hospital from being blown up by a fanatic terrorist group. As the danger heats up, so does the attraction between Mace and Annie.

Now they just have to survive long enough to see if their smoldering attraction is just adrenaline or something more.

Publisher’s Note: Originally published in the By Honor Bound anthology.

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