Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Pen & Muse Review: MARDI GRAS

Author: Lacey Alexander
Genre: A contemporary short novel released January 22 at Ellora’s Cave
Info: ISBN: 9781419925818
Price: $5.20 (e-book) Available at: www.ellorascave.com
Rating: 5 stars

What I liked

The author filled a great first chapter with the set-up explaining the conflict between lovely Mia and the man she works for, Ty. She has loved Ty from afar for years. Ty has known her since she was his best friend’s little sister, and doesn’t see her as anything more than an employee he calls “sweet thing”.

I agree with Mia’s decision to pursue Ty by keeping her identity a secret behind a Mardi Gras mask. She wants desperately to enjoy one night of hot, sweaty sex with the man, but does not want to jeopardize their working relationship. Bondage, black leather, whips, and anal pleasures fill this book. The sexual encounters are VERY hot. A lovely romance ensues.

Book Blurb

Mia Sanderson has been in love with her boss, Ty Brewer, for years, but ladies’ man Ty only sees her as a friend and even worse, a good girl. So when Mia and Ty are invited to the same Mardi Gras party, Mia decides to live out a fantasy. Donning a Mardi Gras mask and wig, Mia masquerades as the seductive Mistress Mina, the bad girl of Ty’s dreams. But what will happen if Ty discovers her true identity? Mia’s risking their friendship and her job, but for a night with Ty, it’s worth it.

Publisher’s Note: Originally published in the Behind the Mask anthology.

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