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Author: Barbara Elsborg
Genre: A Ellors’ Cave MODERNE Super Plus Novel
Info: ISBN: 9781419924729
Price: $7.99 (e-book) Available at:

Rating: 5 stars

What I liked

I loved the delightfully imperfect—in-her-own-eyes heroine. Too tall? Since the two brothers she met were not in the short category, no one but she and her mother thought this a problem. Ah, her mother. No, I didn’t like her, but her character was very important to the story. Business-minded Will and Playboy Ed looked at life differently.

When Will fell for Addie early—after she picked him up with an unusual proposition—I worried the story was over. No need, since the story got MUCH better! Mistakes not righted, trust issues, and a venomous ex-wife made the action amid sweet sex scenes touching. My own tears surprised me, especially when I began hoping for a happy ending. You will not be disappointed.

Book Blurb

Addie Winter is single—just one more reason for disappointment in her permanently disapproving mother’s eyes. There’s nothing she wants more than to be loved but when her own mother can’t bring herself to love her, she wonders if anyone can. What she needs is a man—real would be ideal, but she’ll settle for pretend. Anything to shut her mother up.

Will Mansell chokes on his drink when Addie offers to pay him to spend the night in her room. Tall, dark-haired and the epitome of Addie’s “hero”, he can’t believe his luck because women usually go for his blond-haired brother. Ed Mansell is a serial playboy with an electric smile who waltzes through life and through women. Lucky for Will and Ed, they don’t have the same taste in women. But that was before they met Addie.

Far from pretending, Will and Ed set out to prove Addie is worthy of love—but Addie finds too much love can be just as painful as none at all.


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  2. Thanks so much for the review. I'm really glad you enjoyed the story!