Monday, March 22, 2010

Review: Ellora's Cave Reviews


Title: Life Sentence

Author: Jennifer Dunne

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

What I liked:I really enjoyed the characters and the plot on this one. I totally felt for Samantha and what she went through and could understand why she would not let someone else control her. A sweet and sexy read!

Book Blurb:

Samantha Taylor expected the erotic art book to offer her an escape, not release Master Giacomo. Italian, hunky and a skilled Master, Giacomo is a triple-threat devoted to giving Sam the ultimate pleasure as his submissive.

Having let one man control her life, Sam will be damned if she’d let another do it, no matter how much he makes her body burn. But Giacomo is damned—and if he fails to dominate Sam, he really will go to Hell.



Title: Survivor

Author: Liddy Midnight

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

What I liked:This was one of my favorite books to read,not only because of the genre it's in, but because it was such an intriguing read. Liddy certainly knows how to teleport the reader into another place. This is exactly what happens to pilot Dough when he is transported to that are only in his dreams. But fantasy can't come true, right? Read the book to find out. Maybe dreams are a figment of our own realities.

Book Blurb:
After a horrific training accident with his fighter squadron, pilot Doug is transported to a world he’s seen in powerful sexual dreams featuring a mahogany-skinned beauty with silver hair. It can’t be real—people there become dragons at will. To his shock, he discovers he can transform as well.

Harna, the woman of his dreams, makes him feel welcome. The sex is mind-blowing but too much about this world defies logic. This must be another dream. Doug only knows he’s falling in love and if he’s right, he’ll have to leave Harna behind when he wakes up.



Title: Checkmate

Author: Katherine Kingston

Genre: Fantasy, Sci-fi

What I liked: An interesting and fun read from start to finish. I loved both characters of Devonne and Raje. It's an intense read from the get go as we find out the past and try to journey to the future of these two characters whom loved each other in the past. Will they free themselves and not end up in the labor camp? If you love fantasy, adventure, with a dash of sci-fi then you will love this book.

Book Blurb:

Devonne and Raje are space-going pirates who were lovers until a secret drove them apart. Some time later, their past comes back to haunt them and they’re forced to compete in an intense and drastic series of contests. The space pirates will have to find a way to work together or they’ll end up with a one-way ticket to an alien slave labor camp. As they grow closer and the danger rises, Devonne and Raje know that their desire and newfound love could tear them apart forever.



Title: Bareback Cowboy

Author: Carol Lynne

Book two in the Saddle Up and Ride series.

Genre: M/M, Spectrum

What I liked: Saddle up indeed, that's what you will do when you read Bareback Cowboy! I love a good western tale and this one brings just that along with lots of romance! I really enjoyed both characters, espically that of Bridger who is just a total cowboy at heart instead of a buisness man. Will Bridger and Ethan come together? Find out, grab this one!

Book Blurb:

Ethan Griggs is quite happy living on Justice River Ranch. He spends his days as head wrangler, tending to the horses he loves and the guests he’s learned to tolerate. When Bridger Collins arrives at the ranch, Griggs’ world is turned upside down. Despite his usual hands-off policy with the guests, he’s immediately drawn to the younger man.

Bridger thrives on the cowboy way of life. The son of one of the richest men in the country, Bridger would rather fix a fence than sit behind a desk counting his money. The sexual chemistry he seems to share with Griggs is simply icing on the cake.

With his week-long stay coming to a close, Bridger is forced to choose between the life he wants with Griggs and the life planned for him since birth.


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