Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Review: Jaguar Hunger by Regina Carlysle

Jaguar Hunger
By Regina Carlysle

Genre: Paranormal Erotic Quickie: Shapeshifter (74 pages)

Release: January 8, 2010

Price: $2.95 (available as an e-book only) ISBN: 9781419925344
Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Rating: star4a.gifstar4a.gifstar4a.gif

What I liked:
Well, I'm getting used to the m/m/f genre, now. And while I think I prefer the true m/m/f instead of the m/f/m, I definitely think it's interesting to have two straight guys with one female. I did appreciate that Regina Carlysle made it part of the mythology of the jaguar shapeshifting. That definitely made it interesting. Lots and lots of sex (because that's what needed to happen for her to find her animal self). Definitely some hot moments. Who doesn't like lasagna? Me, actually. That's an inside joke between me and the text (and you, if you've read it). But I don't like lasagna, and I definitely had some skimming with this one... the heroine was just not connecting with me. But in the end, I felt connected enough to the two male characters that I was glad to have read the book. I think the story is very interesting and there's a mystery to it, which is cool at the end to figure out. And the writing is pretty good, too. Definitely an interesting book, especially if you're into the shapeshifting types of paranormal.

Book Blurb

Noah Littlehawk and Aaron O’Malley have searched long years for the mate they will share, a jaguar female to fulfill their lives and ease their loneliness. What begins as a job soon becomes much more when they meet Violet. Her quiet intensity calls to them. Her body makes them yearn to claim her with the savage hunger of their species.

Death comes for Violet Carson like a speeding train. She knows the shift from woman to beast will rip her apart without the help of jaguar mates. As heat and lust overwhelm her, two men step from the shadows to claim her body and soothe the fire that consumes her. But a human predator waits and he won’t rest until he possesses her, body and soul.


  1. Thanks for reading and reviewing. Sorry about the lasagne! :-) At least they only had it at one meal, right?

  2. Very true, Regina! Nice writing in this book. I look forward to reading more of your work.