Saturday, March 27, 2010

Review: When I Remember Love by Trish Silver

When I Remember Love
by Trish Silver

Genre: Women's Fiction
Price: $19.95

What I liked
This book has a very interesting plot. It's essentially a "what if" story, written about an American-Idol-type star who meets the love of his life before he becomes famous, and marries her. While it had been categorized as a "romance novel", it may not appeal to traditional romance audiences, because the couple's romantic journey happens too quickly. But romance fans who are looking for something a bit different might just find this book interesting. On Trish Silver's website, someone referred to this as a "Marriage 101" book, and that's probably the closest explanation I can come up with. More than a story about a couple's journey through life into love, it's more about a couple's journey through love into life. It's a story about two people who have to face the hardness of life and live through it, together. I think this is an intriguing concept that Trish Silver has worked hard to get into the world. Picture your favorite American Idol in the lead role, and imagine the background story to their very public life. If you are an Idol fan, this is a book you might enjoy.

Book Blurb
At the beginning of “When I Remember Love” Aidan Price, an extremely talented singer and young pop star, is completing a European concert tour. Dozing on the drive to a final performance, he opens his eyes in shock as an out-of-control truck plows into his limo. Will Aidan and his career survive? Will his memories? Who will he remember, when he remembers love?

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  1. Thanks for stopping by, Trish. The "Marriage 101" thing is actually from one of the reviews you posted on your website. I very much agreed with it in the sense that it's about a love story that takes place within a marriage. Thanks again for coming by the Pen & Muse.