Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pen & Muse Review: ALEX RISING

Author: Dita Parker
Author Website:
Genre: A new paranormal short novel
Publisher: Available now at Ellora’s Cave Publishing:
Info: ISBN: 9781419922893
Price: $5.20 Available as e-book


My first thought as I read the very first pages was that this story took ‘body snatching’ to a whole, new level. When introduced to Alex and Tristan, they are sharing the same body due to Tristan’s violent death and a spell he and his wife, Lin conjured earlier. Unfortunately, Alex wasn’t aware this could happen to him. The happily married couple had another man in mind, who agreed. Too bad Danny died the same day as Tristan.

Tristan pushes Alex on Lin so his spirit can ‘enjoy’ his wife again. Two men fighting for control of a single body makes for an interesting conflict, especially since Alex isn’t into committed relationships. Lin is a gutsy female who mourns her husband’s death then hears his words of love pouring from the lips of a handsome stranger.

The three-way triangle –Tristan and his wife, Lin, and Tristan’s war buddy, Alex—takes the reader on twists and turns. Hot and spicy sex between two people who just met is made a bit interesting when Tristan’s words soothe Lin into submission. Alex, at times, has to take a back seat. Which man would Lin really want for the long haul? Would Alex stay? Would Tristan share?


Lin wasn’t above using extreme measures to ensure she never lost her husband, including a good old-fashioned spell. But, the man now standing at her door looks like far more than she’d bargained for. He has the tall-dark-and-handsome thing down pat. What lies beneath the sexy stranger’s cool exterior, Lin can only imagine. Vividly.

In New Orleans, a little magic goes a long way. Returning to his hometown and his wife, Tristan has to wonder if this time it didn’t go too far. He has gotten his wish, and now he has to let a man he would never have wanted anywhere near his wife have her in every way imaginable.

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