Thursday, April 15, 2010

Review: Tagging Her Lynx by Abby Wood

Tagging Her Lynx
Publisher: Breathless Press
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1-926771-34-2
Price: $4.45

What I Liked:
Holy hotness, Batman. This is definitely a hot-hot book, with hot-hot love scenes. Beautifully emotive, and deep. Loved them. I really enjoy the shape-shifter romances. I think there's something really primal about the relationship between a male shape-shifter and his mate. I definitely like the sort of traditional relationship that Chloe learns to enjoy... you'll get what I mean if you read it. It's about 100 pages, and interesting. If you're into erotic romance, I would consider picking it up. Especially if you also like shape-shifting romance as well. :-)

Book Blurb:
Living in the bush of Alaska, Chloe Barrant wanted to take care of the animals at her wildlife refuge and ignore the times she shifted into a lynx. Even she knew that wasn’t normal. Little did she know that the day she'd turn away the poachers she'd find a male lynx coming to her rescue. What surprised her even more was when the lynx turned into a man claiming her as his life mate.

Granger, alpha of the Lynx clan, would do anything to protect the Lynx. They'd lost too many members to the hunters who preyed on them. Finding his alpha life mate gave him back dreams for the future that he'd given up on long ago.

Chloe didn't understand how the other Lynx expected her to fill the alpha role within the clan, when around Granger she only wanted to slip into beta role and submit to him. Could she figure it all out in time to save the Lynx?

"You can put the shovel down. No harm will come to you."
Chloe glared and gave her head a tight shake without moving her gaze off the lynx. She swore the animal talked, but his mouth didn't move. In fact, he now sat completely motionless, with the innocence of a house cat on his face.
"My name is Granger, and I am a shapeshifter like you. We have the ability to talk to each other telepathically."
The shovel fell from her grip, and she jumped back at the clatter of the handle skimming the chain links of the cage. She hurried over to the other side of the aisle and stood with her back against the wires.
Her coat caught on the metal, and puffs of downy feathers billowed out from the snags. She gnawed on her bottom lip and stared, not wanting to believe the voice in her head. There was no way that lynx had just spoken to her.
"It's true, Aningan. We are from the Lynx family. I've seen you shift and run through the woods, keeping to the deep shadows, too afraid of discovery. I've bided my time in coming to you, but unfortunately those men meant you harm and forced me to come out of hiding."
"Go…go a-away. Scat!" She motioned with her arm for him to take off. His chuckles filled her head.
She froze, her lips pursed in disapproval. Why did she even contemplate the reality of the cat laughing in a very masculine, husky voice? She even heard a hint of tenderness in his teasing. This is crazy.
"You're not crazy. I am your mate, and together we have the ability to communicate telepathically. I can explain everything to you. Is there somewhere we can go, sit down, and I can transform back into my human form? What I have to tell you will answer many of the questions that have troubled you lately."