Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My True Lies Become Truth!

First, I want to thank Kerri Nelson again for nominating me. I appreciate it!

Second of all, we have a winner: Linda Henderson has guessed correctly!

My True Lies & How They Saw The Light

1) I am a published author. - Not yet, although that may change!

2) I know Steve Jobs.- I'd love to, yet it has not happened yet.

3) I met and had lunch with a famous author.- I have met a famous author, but I never had lunch with them.

4) I love the Little Prince and quote it often.- I do love the Little Prince, but cannot quote it as much as I'd love to.

5) I'm a huge fan of James Dean.- Ding! Ding! I am a huge fan although I was not alive when he was an actor. I love his work, his charisma, passion, of course I thought he was handsome!

6) I own all technology under the sun. - LOL I wish I did, but I do not.

7) I have written 5 novels. - I'm getting there, but not completely.


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