Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Review: Beautiful Stranger by Katalina Leon

Beautiful Stranger

Genre: Short Erotic Romance (Younger Man/Older Woman)
Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Release Date: April 2010
Price: $5.95

What I Liked:
I'm not quite the age yet where I should be thinking about older women and younger men. (Except perhaps Taylor Lautner... wait, no comment.) Yet there is something about this story that *really* appealed to me. I'm not sure if it was the freedom and the openness of Lilly's attitude, or the extreme hotness of David's character (and bod-ay). But I really enjoyed this book. It was well-written, it was well-plotted, it was well-executed. It was an all-around good time. The picture on the cover does not do justice for what I think this couple is described as... she's over forty, he's in his early thirties. But it was a very hot story, and the characters are memorable. I've not read Katalina Leon before, but I see that she has an Ellora's Cave release from ancient Rome. I'm looking forward to reading more of her stories. If this one was any evidence, I will be in for a treat!

Book Blurb
Lily Fontaine is a newscaster and former beauty queen, but those roles don’t suit her anymore. She’s healing from divorce and ready to make big changes in her life, but first she needs her sexual confidence back.

She wants a lover without the risk of heartbreak and considers hiring a male escort as a special treat. Her best friend offers a provocative solution to her request. On her birthday, Lily returns to New Orleans, the place of her birth, to meet a special man. She plans to fly in and fly out for a three-day weekend of cool music, great food and hot sex, with no emotional attachment and no further contact with her “escort”. She wants to pay to play—what can go wrong?

David is perfect—even if he is eleven years her junior. He’s strapping hot, intelligent and knows how to take charge. The attraction is instantaneous. With just the clothes on her back, Lily sheds her old life and follows a beautiful stranger into bayou country for the adventure of a lifetime. 

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