Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Review: Enchanted Palette

The Author: Brigit Zahara

Author Website:

Genre: Fantasy, part of the Ellora’s Cave Zanadu line

Info: ISBN: 9781419928437
Price: $4.45 (e-book)


I liked that the heroine, Miranda, has such a great friend who brings her a thoughtful gift. The ancient palette picked up on a trip to Greece, prompts a grieving Randi to start painting once again. I really liked how the author uses a multitude of descriptive colors to show us the world haunting Randi’s dreams.

I loved her description of the forest when Randi is yanked from her home and into her painting! When the unicorn appears, I enjoyed her use of equestrian terms for lovemaking. When the black wolf attacks, things turned bloody. The author sends us into a world of shape shifter/vampires, cursed to roam a painting until love arrives. Is Randi the keeper of their prison’s key?

The dilemma of meeting two opposite yet same enchanted men is a problem Randi faces with calm, loving intentions. I found myself hoping, desperately, for a happy ever after ending.


Still grieving over the loss of her fiancé, Randi has lost her artistic focus and even her will to paint. That is, until an archaic palette opens the door to an incredible world and adventure on the other side of the canvas.

Transported into paradise, Randi’s desire to love and be loved is awakened by soul twins Zak and Adrian—half vampire, half shapeshifter polar opposite spirit siblings who were once one tortured man. They are equally enticing—Zak’s pure soul and bright spirit and Adrian’s primitive passion and brooding mystery.

For Randi, it’s hard to say which is hotter—a slow sensual union with the virginal Zak or a pulse-pounding, explosive tryst with the dark and dangerous Adrian. But one thing’s certain—when all three get together the result is quite simply out of this world.

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