Monday, May 3, 2010

Review: Tears of the Dragon by Cyndi Friberg


Title: Tears of the Dragon

Author: Cyndi Friberg

Genre: Fantasy, Historical, Romance

Publisher: Cerridwen Press


What I liked:

Lady Rowena finds herself in such a predicament. So far nothing slows her down not even a curse or famine. She thinks she can solve her predicament alone, but then comes Dominic. A man who will test Rowen's boundaries like no other, but will she get close to him or continue to fear a curse or her future? Friberg certainly knows her stuff and she shows it with this book. I found myself inside the time period of knights, damsels, distress, fantasy, and of course love. I loved how Dominic was willing to help her, but at the same time was irritated by her. I love Rowen's determination to help her people and in the end help herself with her own heart. A lovely and inciting read from start to finish!

Book Blurb:

Neither wars nor famine nor Fairy curses have intimidated Lady Rowena of Pendragon, but now she finds herself locked in a battle of wills with Dominic of Capstow. Dominic is William Marshal’s trusted knight, and the regent has sent him to escort her to court so her scheming stepfather’s claim against her can be heard.

She’s infuriated and insulted—and intrigued. Dominic is by far the most attractive man ever to coerce his way beyond her defenses. He’s dangerous and appealing and she needs him in her bed for reasons she dare not reveal. Knowing little about seduction, but more than willing to learn, Lady Rowena sets out on a conquest of her own.

The stakes are high, higher even than Lady Rowena realizes. For the Fairy curse is real and dark forces are at work, ready to tear the young lovers apart and rob them of their happily ever after.


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  1. This looks like the kind of book I'd like. I should check this out...