Friday, May 7, 2010

True Lies starring Denise Alicea: A Blog Award & Contest!



This week I (Denise) was nominated via my The Pen & Muse Blog for the Creative Writer Blogger Award . Thanks to Kerri Nelson, for the great nomination!

This award requires me to tell some lies and have you try to guess which one is correct. If you win, I will give away a beautiful Celtic green journal!

My True Lies

1) I am a published author.

2) I know Steve Jobs.

3) I met and had lunch with a famous author.

4) I love the Little Prince and quote it often.

5) I'm a huge fan of James Dean.

6) I own all technology under the sun.

7) I have written 5 novels.

Now to Pass the torch to 7 new bloggers/writers who will have to continue this burden of telling their own lies as well as passing the torch to 7 other people!

1) Eliza Knight - a great woman and a busy one! She deserves some of this!

2) Denyse Bridger - Love her work and her!

3) Terry Kate - A good friend and such an inspiration with her many projects!

4) Cynthia Owens for Seduced by History - I love this blog, such great information!

5) Beth Trissel - I first read her story in a contest and since then I have been hooked!

6) The Ladies @ Inspiration Ink - a great blog with tons of great authors and writing articles.

7) Gena Showalter - Love her books and her blog.





  1. Oh, no fair! You took like half the people I was gonna tag. Dang it, I should have gone first. :-)

    Great award, though! I heart Kerri Nelson. And Denise. :-)

  2. Totally, Rebecca Lynn is right. But thanks for choosing me. I love the Little Prince too and am going with that one as the truth and nothing but the truth.

  3. Aw I heart you ladies! Good try Beth! So far, no cigar yet! Try again!

  4. I'm gonna go with the five novels one. I'll bet it's more than that.

  5. Hey this sounds like about met and had luch with a famous author for the true answer ;-)

  6. Hey this sounds like about had lunck with a famous author for the true answer? ;-)

  7. I'm guessing that #2,#4 and #7 are lies. That is just a pure guess.

    seriousreader at live dot com

  8. Yay, we have a winner! Linda, congrats!