Monday, June 28, 2010

A Pen & Muse Review: HIS SEA GODDESS

Author: Marisa Chenery
Author Website:
Genre: A paranormal shape-shifter Quickie
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave:
Info: ISBN: 9781419924927
Price: $2.49 Available as e-book


The author paints a picture of a middle eastern seaside paradise. Her workaholic hero, Jarrett, survives a life-threatening encounter while scuba diving. Saved by a sea creature, his wounds attended to by a mysterious goddess, Jarrett finds himself propelled into a mystical haven and into the arms of a beautiful woman who cannot be true.

I liked Hatmehyt right away. Her need to protect an unknown mortal visiting her world made me smile. Their instant attraction kept me reading. Spicy yet poignant love scenes add to the story. Jarrett’s pain and worsening illness tests Hatmehyt’s devotion. Jarret’s prayer to the God Ra proves he loves her. There is a lot of story tucked in this novella and I look forward to reading all the books in the Goddess Revealed series.


Book four in the Goddess Revealed series.
After a near miss with a shark while diving in the Red Sea in Egypt, Jarrett is rescued by a dolphin and unwillingly dragged to an underwater chamber. But it isn’t just any dolphin. Wounded and unsure of his surroundings, Jarrett watches in awe as the dolphin shifts into a beautiful woman he is unable to resist.
Hatmehyt, an Egyptian goddess, was drawn to the man swimming near the reef while in her dolphin form, but soon realizes Jarrett is her mate. Unable to thrive on land, she has to make the painful choice to either keep him with her or let him go to the surface when the shark bite he received threatens his life.

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