Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Review: Cross Check My Heart By Kerri Nelson


Cross Check My Heart

by Kerri Nelson
Price: $ 4.50

Genre: Romance
Sub Genre: Sports
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Publisher: Eternal Press
What I liked: Sign me up to be a sports therapist! I want my own Danny Cipriani! A man who cooks, is passionate, plays sports, and has amazing blue eyes... Sigh. Jana is one lucky girl to have help from this type of guy and boy will she need it because she is  hiding a past so big, I'm not sure Danny knows everything about it. Whose to stop love? Apparently some guys with guns who have been hunting poor Jana or is it .. someone else? Not everything is all that it seems...Nelson conveys the story beautifully through these two great characters and makes us all want to find that happily ever after. Nelson combines romance and sports that mimics one of my favorite movies, The Cutting Edge.. If you love sports, romance, and well amazing characters, you cannot miss this story! I look forward to reading more of Kerri Nelson's work!

Book Blurb:
One woman running from her past, one man chasing his future…when their worlds collide, passion and danger ignite the way! 
He’s on the run from something ominous in her past. She escapes to a new town and a new job as the physical therapist for the U.S. Hockey Team, which is preparing for the Winter Olympics.

He’s a veteran hockey player with a secret of his own that threatens his chances at making the final cut for the team.

He shifted his stance and tried to shake the naughty images from his mind. 

Get a grip Cipriani! This is serious business, and it’s no time to be making her into your fantasy girl. 

As he chastised himself internally, she sat up and eyed him from the floor.

“Are you okay?” she asked raising one eyebrow at him. 

This was the first time he’d really been able to look at her face, and she was even more beautiful than he could have imagined.




  1. I also read this book and reviewed it on my blog. Adored it.

    I told her she has to write more sports romances immediately. There aren't any good ones out there except this one.

    Maybe if we all cry loud enough, she'll do it. :-)

  2. LOl We Should and maybe she can find me a Danny of my own. hehehe