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Review: Lust Bites Carnal Lust by Ashley Ladd

Title: Lust Bites Carnal Lust
Author: Ashley Ladd
Author Website: Ashley Ladd
Genre: Historical – 1400/Vampire/Paranormal/Time Travel
Publisher: Total-E-Bound Publishing
Price: $2.96
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What I liked: The woman laughed in his face and circled him. With great disdain she regarded him from head to toe. She licked her finger then slid it along the tip of his sword. When the weapon drew blood, she stared at her injury then sucked her finger quite suggestively. “Impressive, but you don’t scare me.”

If we were given the chance to see into the past and the future what would we dread the most? Would we discover something so powerful that the very existence of all life is threatened with obliteration? Even more unsettling is the fact that this powerful force must be destroyed before it is too late, but that same force reaches a place deep within us and stirs up the most intense passion and sexual desire.

Kes travels through time in her quest to destroy the beast she knows is responsible for bringing pain and suffering to her family and to the rest of society. Kes is on a quest to avenge the evil of the past making this a very personal journey. But how can she ignore those lusty erotic nightly visits that go beyond mere mortal dreams as her body is invaded by the handsome force that matches her in strength, intelligence, and sexual appetite.

Nikolai may be the most powerful force, but he is rendered virtually helpless to overcome his desire to be with the woman who intrigues and even scares him. As Kes and Nikolai ravage each other’s bodies, will they unite as a single force to save the future? Or will one have to destroy the other in the name of preservation and ultimate sacrifice?

In Carnal Lust, Ashley Ladd whirls readers through the ages on a journey that is timeless; a journey of facing great decisions made with both the heart and the mind. Would we have the strength to know what is right or would we surrender to self gratification?

Book blurb: Kes is obsessed with killing Nikolai – to prevent him from destroying Earth nine hundred years into the future.

Kes is obsessed with eliminating Nikolai before he's reborn as the evil vampire who destroys Earth and propels her family into the past.

Once she finds the Nikolai of her present is a good and kind man she's not sure she can hold the very sexy human accountable for something he hasn't yet done.

Book Excerpt: Kes languished in the arms of her lover, a man she knew not by name but by his deep, sexy voice and his intoxicating kisses. She bade the sun not to set so she could steal more time in his arms, for when the moon chased the sun out of the sky, her lover would evaporate and she would be thrust back into the real world. And the real world was hell.

But this was heaven, if a vampire could be in heaven. She writhed and twisted in his arms, pressing her naked flesh to his. He was lithe and strong for a human, and he never failed to pleasure her.

“Are you in the mood to play, milady?” her lover murmured against her flesh.

She tilted her lips into a smile and nodded. “Wild and rough.”

He beamed at her with a sparkle in his eyes. “Whatever milady wishes.”

When he shackled her to the bed posts, her stomach pressed to the mattress, her legs spread wide, she didn’t demur. She squirmed with anticipation, her pussy clenching.

She turned her head and watched as he spread oil over his beautiful cock and then climbed aboard the bed. She lay there helpless, swaying with the motion as he approached stealthily. Her ass clenched, too, yearning for his touch. When he delivered a stinging slap to her bare buttocks, she screamed in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Never before had anyone spanked her, and she tingled.

Titillated, she rubbed her breasts against the bed, cajoling him to unite with her. But he sat beside her and ran the tips of his fingers across her back, to the edges of her breasts then pulled back. He walked them to the small of her back and withdrew again.

“Do you not wish to make love to me? To fuck me?”

“Are you that anxious to feel my cock move inside you? To be one with me?” He drew himself up to his knees and drew the tip of his cock along her side.

He bent by her ear and dipped his tongue inside. Then he whispered huskily, “Does that feel good? How bad do you want it?”

Her rear throbbed with an exquisite ache but not enough. She yearned for much more. “I crave your cock. I want you to fill me, to be inside me. Now.”

Tammy Elizabeth Southin

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