Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Review: Spirals by Beth Carter

by Beth Carter

Genre: Multicultural Menage Fantasy Erotica
Publisher: Loose Id
Cost: $5.99

What I Liked:
This was a very interesting premise. The sort of futuristic dystopic fantasy, I haven't seen yet in the erotic romance arena, so it was very interesting to read this book and get a picture for what was coming. I did like that it was multicultural, and I like that the cover art reflects that. I've read far too many books with multicultural characters that didn't have appropriate cover art, so that was good. And I thought the choice to set part of the book in Montana was a nice touch (since I'm from Montana, and live very close to the place she was writing about, I found it particularly interesting).

I still find it very interesting to explore the concept of menage in romance. I've seen a couple of books do this really well in the last few months, and I'm interested to see what will happen in this genre in the future. There's a different kind of love story that takes place when you're writing menage, and it needs to be reflected in the plotting as well as in the relationship. I thought this book did a pretty good job of that. I'm interested to read more of this menage romance in the future.

Book Blurb:
Kaori Carnelian was only sixteen when Los Angeles was hit by an earthquake that devastated it. With the world trying to recover from a plague that has wiped out half of the population, she learns how to survive by her wits and a great ability to hide, scavenging through what is left of LA.
Years later, the government sends in recon men Sergeants Tobias Noble and Orion West to find any survivors before another earthquake destroys everything. They spiral her world out of control in a very delicious way. But when the men have to go find two others in their regiment that are missing, Kaori has to decide if her love outweighs her instinct for surviving.

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