Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Review: Sunny With a Chance




The Author: Emjai Colbert

Author Website:


Genre: new contemporary quickie, available now at Ellora’s Cave


Info: ISBN: 9781419927652

Price: $2.49 (e-book)


I must admit…I love wounded heroes. Ryan Chance fills this wish. I enjoy how Sunny does her best when forced back into his life. With her heart of gold, the heroine proves her love by leaving a married man alone. But, six months have passed.

The author does a great set-up in chapter one with enough back story so we can understand what Sunny is walking into with her massage table. I could feel Sunny’s embarrassment when she couldn’t shut up.

The resulting sex is wrapped within mutual respect and obvious love between two people who deserve to find it. The story touched brieflyon infidelity, physical injury, and loneliness, and the path toward the happy ever after ending was a joy to read.


Maybe it was kismet that brought Sunny Maitland to Ryan Chance’s doorstep that day. Maybe it was just dumb luck. Sunny had avoided the house and the man for months for fear of falling in love with the one person who was off limits.

Wounded in body and soul, Ryan Chance is surprised when his former masseuse saunters back into his life as if she’d never left. She’d been his savior and confidant when his life was in pieces and then she was gone with no explanation.

Bound by a secret mutual desire, Sunny and Ryan waste no time getting to know each other again, and again, and again one hot, steamy, Southern night.

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