Monday, July 19, 2010

P&M Review: Angel and the Unforgiven

Angel and the Unforgiven
by Melissa Blue

Genre: Historical Romance (Civil War/American)
Publisher: Champagne Books
Cost: $6.00

What I Liked:
I hope I'm not the only one who started humming Metallica when I read this title. Not that it was appropriate for the story (other than, obviously, the subject matter), but it just put me in a good mood to read the book. I love the black album--there's so much to enjoy about the song Unforgiven. And this book, Angel and the Unforgiven, had a lot to enjoy as well.

First, I'll say that I love the setting. I think there are not enough Civil War and post-Civil War romances out there. Post-war in general, if I'm honest. I think that post-war romances could have a lot to say to our country at this time in our history, in addition to having the upside of the ultimately hopeful ending that romance novels are known for. This novel had both: the reality of a post-war culture and the hopeful feeling of a romance novel.

Second, I always appreciate a Captain. Eliza Knight wrote probably my favorite series of Captains ever, and I think that Angel and the Unforgiven gives a similar picture of a man who has been at war and his struggle to understand how to love a woman who doesn't share that experience.

And I have to say, this heroine has one of my favorite unusual heroine names of all time. Love the name "Cadence". It just has such great... well, cadence. And the hero is really quite dashing.

I appreciated the intrigue of having her dressed as a cabin boy, and the scene where we find out that she's really a she (in the eyes of the hero, anyway), is great. Also, although I don't want to give too much away, I appreciated his valor and respect of her. I think Curtis was a good hero. All in all, I enjoyed it.

Book Blurb:
When murder suspect Cadence Jamison disguises herself as a boy and stows aboard the Heavenly Mistress Captain Curtis Langston may find his two past occasions for rescuing her more than he bargained for.

Bitter and Cynical after service in the Confederate Army, Curtis believes himself no more deserving of another’s love than capable of returning it. Content to drift through life free of emotional and therefore romantic complications the once carefree and mischievous rogue may be forever gone. But when Cadence appears in his life Curtis finds himself smiling again, smiling and dreaming and feeling more like himself than he has in five years. Drawn with almost unnatural force to the sweet and innocent goodness Cadence offers, Curtis blunders again and again to resist the pull of what a life with her could be.

Can Cadence show this wounded soul how to love again? Or is he doomed to be forever unforgiven, haunted by the ghosts of his past?

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