Monday, July 19, 2010

Review: Gambler


Eryn Blackwell

Price: $2.49

Genre: Historical Short Novella

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

If you've had a rough day and want an hour's diversion, "Gambler" by Eryn Blackwell might be your answer. (Full disclosure: I read it in 47 minutes.) This short novella doesn't waste time with plot, creative dialog or developed characters, but gets right to the heart of what Ellora's Cave aficionados expect: abundant and explicit sex.

While the manuscript could have benefitted by an editor's firm hand, the goal is still accomplished. As for the setting being historical - the only bit that plays is in the initial set-up of the scenario; otherwise, the story could be anywhere anytime.

*Note: The Ellora's Cave website does mention that this story was previously published elsewhere.*

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