Monday, July 12, 2010

Review: Locked and Loaded by Samantha Cayto


Locked and Loaded

Samantha Cayto

Price: $4.45

Genre: Romance, Sophisticate

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

What I liked: What didn't I like from this story! I liked everything, it was very hot and sexual. It was a beautiful story about Grace who wants to have more in life and then she ends up meeting  Mark. Grace doesn't expect to fall for him, she figures she would get her fantasy fulfilled. When the two meet they have a lot in common and not all of it in bed. I really liked both characters and the  scenario. There is also some action here as we get to see Mark's friend and how the war affected him. Cayto knows how to add the suspense, action, along with the romance.

Book Blurb:

Former army-turned-ER doctor Grace McKinnon is through with going to bed with nothing more than fantasies and a yearning to resurrect her personal life. She’s determined instead to take the Cougar Challenge with a flesh and hot-blooded younger man. She discovers the perfect opportunity steaming up the curtain of exam room four.


Captain Mark Bennington has been locked and loaded—ready for action—since meeting Grace. He’s on a mission to heat up the Boston nights while on leave. This sexy older woman is lighting his way, fulfilling double-time every sex wish he’s ever made. But it’s going to be the toughest fight of his life to convince her to take a chance on more than just a fling.



  1. This sounds super hot. But doesn't it look like the girl on the cover has no breasts?

  2. Yeah, my friend made another comment, but at least I was able to put it on the site. I was hoping for something that wasn't too explicit. The book was great though!

  3. I do like the Sophisticate line of EC. I need to read more of them. Looks like a wonderful book.