Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Review: Eden Fell


Title: Eden Fell
Author: Lily
Author Site: 
Genre: Dark Fantasy
Publisher: Damnation Books, Sept 1st/09
What I liked: After reading Lily's Eden Fell, it introduced me to a new way of telling of the story of falling from grace. Lily tells an interesting tale of Eden and her journey to the ends of the earth. This is not your typical fantasy, Lily surely takes the reader on a ride of a lifetime. Read the excerpt for yourself and decide. It's out of this world, literally!
A dark and modern tale that chronicles Eden's life as she falls from grace. Following a stream of consciousness, she journeys with her constant companions, the snake and the rhinoceros, through her life as an abstract painter to the end of the world. Together, the three of them encounter zombie marionettes, a frost prince, a winter sprite and a diligent gardener. Without the snake and the rhinoceros, there is only a punk kid, a clerk at a convenience store, an agent and a smattering of acquaintances. Watch... as Eden falls.
I am a seed husk, a pea pod, a sunflower shell, just another hole to fill. Fill me up, relieve yourself of the burden of being a man so that just for a moment while you’re deepest inside, just for a moment, you can forget the sin of your own precious, precious seed. I am your service, your need, a container to hold all that melts away with the first hit of a climax. Do you understand me? You’re not suppose to smile at me like that, like I am human.

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