Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Review: The Witch Awakening by Karen Nilsen

The Witch Awakening
by Karen Nilsen

Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: CreateSpace
Cost: $14.95 ($.99 for Kindle)

What I Liked:
The author did an interesting job with pov in this book, switching between the main characters. I found it interesting, rather than the typical deep pov of 3rd person omni. And for fantasy, especially, it seemed more appropriate.

Nilsen tells a sweet story of Safire's tumultuous life and her love affair with Merius of Landers (who, by the way, was my favorite part of the book). From the first time she introduces this dashing young man, I was as captivated as his heroine was. You can't help but fall in love with someone who is so in love with her, and yet so desires to be his own person as well. The villains were bad, and the heroes were good. All in all, a good fantasy read. This is truly a saga, and it looks as though it's the first in a series, as well. So it has all the benefits of good fantasy.

Plus, for 99 cents on the Kindle... you can't beat that. A good read for a buck. That's good business.

Book Blurb:
The odor of burning flesh and the screams of those condemned to the flames disturb the dreams of young Safire of Long Marsh. Safire struggles to keep the curse of her psychic abilities secret, lest she be burned at the stake as a witch in her native land Cormalen. Forced to keep her talents hidden instead of learning how to use them, Safire is ill-prepared to face the evil that awaits her. When she meets the rebellious Merius of Landers, a nobleman determined to escape his overbearing father's influence, she finally finds someone who accepts her. But their romance interferes with court plots and family duty and ultimately leads Safire to confront the dark secrets of the House of Landers alone. What she finds there proves to be a test of her unusual gifts, a test that could free the soul of a haunted man--or end in her death.

Review posted by Rebecca Lynn.

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