Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sex and Solar Flares...a Review

Author: Larissa Lyons

Author Website: http://www.larissalyons.com/

Genre: A Fantasy Novella

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave: http://ellorascave.com

Info: ISBN: 9781419928901

Price: $4.45 Available as e-book


From the first page Ms. Lyons pulled me in with the carefree, off-the-cuff hints at her heroine’s fantasy life and her mission. When Aurora landed on earth on a cruise ship, during a mission to earn her ‘wings’, we share her experience: the crowds, the smells, the ocean’s vastness-through her alien eyes.

The author’s insight into her male character’s head was amusing. I loved hearing Charlie’s thoughts as he became more disgusted with his body’s reaction to Aurora. I LOVED the scene on the boat’s bow when Charlie gives an astronomy lesson to the captain and fellow guests while Aurora is sliding her fingers all over him. When he gives in to the pleasure, I cheered.

I liked how the author showed us the slow, eventual joining of two very opposite creatures. This story was filled with erotic sexual tension. Ms. Lyons tempered it with laughter and Aurora’s slight problem with earth language and customs, quirks that made her VERY human to me.


Can a fearless fairy seduce a stuffy scientist?

After crash-landing into the sexiest man on Earth, apprentice fairy Aurora abandons her assigned task in favor of seduction. And during a starlit constellation tour, she takes her own journey—right into Charlie’s pants!

Boarding a cruise ship bound for Hawaii, astronomer Charles Morgan is entranced by the whimsical beauty who propositions him in the most amazing way. Would he like to have sex with her? Does the sun shine and the galaxy spin?

A night full of lust and stars, dusted with a hint of magic, just might bring these two unlikely lovers together for their own big bang!

Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere under the title of Written in the Stars and has been revised for Ellora’s Cave

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  1. Hi Nancy! Thanks for reading my story and posting your review. I'm delighted you enjoyed Charlie & Aurora's sexy journey toward love, and I confess - the star party scene is one of the funnest things I've ever written. Glad that came across on the page! Thank you! :) Larissa