Friday, March 20, 2009

The Pen Review: January Eternal Press Edition

Welcome to The Pen Review Eternal Press Edition! As you all know I a big fan of stories and authors that come out of Eternal Press. So this whole post is dedicated to Eternal Press and all of it's authors!

Carina and the Nobleman by Jannine Petska
Genre: Medievil Romance
Author Page: n/a
Price: $6.95

This story touched me. I absolutely loved it. I loved Carina's strength, endurance, and faith to continue with her mission to find her family. She was a very funny character as well as she dealt with her duties to Count Luciano about adding to her time that she would have to serve him. From start to finish it was a story that I did not want to end. Now I am wondering if there is more to come from this story. I would love to read more if there is! Those who love fairy tale romances must read Carina and the Nobleman!


Forced to the streets after her mother dies, Carina Gallo is desperate to survive and find her long lost sisters. Consumed with locating his missing brother, Count Luciano has forsaken his needs. When he catches beautiful and vulnerable Carina stealing from him, he takes pity and cares for her until she's strong enough to work off her crime. Carina is forever grateful to Luciano, yet fears he will learn of her wicked secret and condemn her to burn. Will Luciano and Carina find a way to feed the mutual passions they share, or will heresy and obsession with lost family destroy them both?


Carina sighed inwardly, truly amazed by the beautiful sight of her first lover. Count Ruggero’s long, well-proportioned legs reminded her of sturdy pillars. Her gaze drifted over the healing wound on his forearm then shifted to the blaze of desire turning his eyes dark gold. A thrill shivered through her body…until their monumental differences returned to afflict her conscience.

“You know not what you are doing, my lord.”

“No, angel. I know exactly what I am about to do.”

“But you and I cannot. You are a count. I am merely a peasant.”

He propped his hands on his hips. “Think you it matters to me?”

“It should, my lord. I am not worthy of your attention, amorous or otherwise.”

He showered her with a promising smile and stepped forward to help her remove her chemise.

“When you and I are wearing naught, tell me of our differences, save for the obvious.”

All she could do was tremble under his heated gaze.

Donnie Dare for Justice by Dee Kirk
Genre: Erotic Humor
Author Page:n/a

Donnie is a super heroine of her own and she will do it her way to help an old friend. After all having friends in the adult industry has it's perks! A fun and hot read! You cannot miss Donnie Dare for Justice!


When sultry Donnie Dare discovers an old friend has been ruined by unscrupulous lawyers, she feels compelled to act. With the aid of a seedy private detective and some old friends from the adult film world, Donnie's quest for justice leads her on a hilarious romp through the bedrooms of the rich and powerful.


Orgasm, whether self-induced or shared with others, is my life elixir, my magic fountain of happiness and well-being. There’s no better preventive medicine than an active and satisfying sex life and the big O will cure almost anything that ails you. I believe this as strongly as some folks believe in virgin birth. And I’ve got more proof than they have.

Lot 62, An Esther May Mystery by Arthur Everest
Genre: Paranormal/Mystery
Pages: 33
Author Page:n/a
Price: 3.50

Although this story has many others to accompany it as it is a series, it's can be read as a stand alone. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this mystery. Julie's character is both intriguing and exciting. Those who love mysteries along with some paranormal will enjoy Arthur Everest's Lot 62. A mysterious delight !


Julie Blalock is approaching thirty and has an unfulfilling job with an accountancy firm. But she also has a secret—she was once an MI6 Agent. A personal tragedy forced her to quit eight years ago, but a chance offer to return for a one-time op is tootempting to ignore. Her mission: to pose as a rich socialite at Sotheby's, to gain critical intelligence during the most anticipated high-class auction of the year—Esther May Morrow's sale of antique treasures, featuring Lot 62, a prize that has even the Ministry of Defence worried. What secrets will Julie discover on her impromptu return to espionage?


"Anything else I should know?”

Northam replied,“Entwistle’s got a few final details. Just a sec.”

Maggie expertly applied cherry lipstick and a smidgeon of smoky eye-shadow. Next, elbow-length black gloves matched the dress and fit comfortably. Rich suede high heels—black, from Audley’s in London—also fit first time. Julie suddenly remembered the Service still had all her sizes from eight years ago. It made her realise how little she missed her privacy; a few days back, if someone in accounting had handed her a profile of her vital statistics, she’d have filed for breach of confidentiality. Now, even though they had her butt under close scrutiny and her breasts spilling out for all the world to see, Julie simply nodded. She had her second skin. And it was tough. The Service had given her that.

Feels like Old Times by Brady Sutton
Genre: Erotica/Romance
Pages: 25
Author Page:n/a
Price: 2.50

Although Harry Bates is missing the one he longed and loved, he will find a person to fill his heart and nights. A story that proves love can always be found.


Feeling old. Lamenting your missing libido. But oh-so-much-more: missing the only woman you ever loved.

This is Christmas for Harry Bates. Until he meets Carla Long, a widow who refuses to hide her lust for life and love-and Harry Bates.

When Carla declares her desires, Harry realizes he wants this every way. But one question makes him hesitate: What would his late wife, Maria, say?


Sometimes he hated his wife for dying on him. But always he missed her. He often recalled sitting across the room, admiring as he stared at her. She would look up, blush, and wave him away. But he knew she'd loved it. Her laughter had been like chimes in a breeze. She had smelled like fresh air and tasted like dessert. In public she'd been modest and proper, but in private...God, he missed her.

She'd had a special way of letting him know she wanted him. "Please give it to me, Harry," she'd murmur against his ear. Every time, her soft breath had aroused him, made his mouth water and his body hunger for hers.

French Tickler by Sloane Taylor
Genre: Contemporary/Romance
Pages: 25
Author Page:n/a
Price: 3.95

What's a girl to do when she finds a man to love and the parents start meddling?! Well that's what happens to Samantha Bradley who finds the man she wants in Cisco Bernier. When old secrets start to flame for both of the lovers, they both start to question if their love is worth it. A delightful read filled with excitement, love, lust, and humor.


Lingerie designer Samantha Bradley is on the brink of major success. While having the time of her life in Nice she meets sexy Cisco Bernier, a man who turns her heart inside out and makes her body sizzle.

Despite being France's key criminal prosecutor, Cisco's success in relationships has been less than zero. When he meets Sam, his staid world goes up in flames.

But their happiness is short lived when his underhanded mother and her mob-connected father resurface to threaten their future. Can Samantha and Cisco find a way to make their passion for one another burn fiercer than the scorn of their meddling parents? Find out in this sexy new addition to the Naughty Ladies of Nice.


Samantha grinned, watching his eyes scale up her body. She couldn't help but comment as she stared him in the eye. "In case you're wondering, I'm five foot eleven and one inch." Some kind of gurgle came out of his throat, and she did her best not to burst out laughing. Men are so stupid.

She accepted her gnarled silk blouse that he had scrunched under his Italian leather shoes, then shrugged it on, all the while trying to come up with a way for him to invite her to dinner.

He'd been on the beach the last two days, always dressed in a different well-tailored suit and looking stiff as a judge. Didn't matter. He turned her on like no other man ever had. And there had been quite a few in her young life.

Okay, Sammy girl, time to go for the gold.

"Monsieur, will you please recommend a good restaurant in the city?"

After a few gulps, he coughed and managed to regain control. "Mais oui, but there are a great many. Do you wish our famous seafood?" He frowned for a moment. She had the insane desire to wipe away the tiny lines over his brow. "Or a different cuisine?"

"Seafood sounds wonderful." She turned on her best smile. Food and men, always a winning combination. "Outdoor dining would be perfect."

"Mademoiselle, our evenings are cold at night this time of year." His eyes did another sortie to her pebbled breasts. "There are one or two with good food that supply heaters."

"You're terrific and just what I want." His black eyes smoldered. She feared her bikini would wash down her thighs from all the moisture dripping into it. "Which one is the best, and where is it?"

"Perhaps it would be more prudent if I showed you?" He wrapped his manicured fingers around her elbow.


  1. Thanks for the Eternal Press reviews! I especially liked your assessment of Jannine's terrific book. She is an outstanding writer.